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What is Zephyr?
Z ephyr is a self-service portal in the cloud, reachable from any location and platform. By empowering the end users to make requests for themselves, IT service catalogs for every organizational need can now be made truly accessible at any time and place. Handling traditional on-premise service requests as well as cloud based subscriptions and services through the same portal has never been easier.

Zephyr offers an ever-growing set of ready-made request processes and automated tasks for typical requests, as well as an extensible toolbox for creating virtually any integration.

Typical services include end users’ ability to request cloud services access, on premise software provisioning, Exchange or Office 365 administration and User creation. All processes include customizable approvals and full back end automation, and all of this without the need for hands on or intervention by the IT department.

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Can I make a service request send a mail to a third-party vendor directly?

You can make a service request do anything that can be done through scripting and integrating with APIs. Including of course sending mails.

What functions will you on-board in the transition?

  • Request software from an on premise SCCM
  • Create/Manage/Remove on premise Distribution lists (corresponding to Service market)
  • Create/Manage/Remove Security groups (Azure AD / On premise AD)
  • Create/Manage/Remove on premise Folders (corresponding to Service market)
  • Request membership to Distribution lists
  • Request membership to Security groups (Azure AD / On premise AD)
  • Request membership to Folders
  • Create/Manage/Remove Office365 Group
  • Create/Manage/Remove users in Azure Active Directory.
My organization has a process with approvals for anything that costs above a certain level, can Zephyr handle that?

In Zephyr, you can have your workflow set up approvals on conditions depending on the user requesting as well as the content and data in the request. As an example, you can make every request approve automatically on Christmas eve…

I have my favorite scripts that I've created for provisioning a User, can I use them with Zephyr?

Why yes! In fact, what you have there can be part of the automation backend in Zephyr. Create a Form and let the end users provide the inputs to your script and you’re good to go (or we’ll get you through the steps).

My environment is still on-premise, should I really use Zephyr then?

Yes of course! With the ever-increasing rationality of transitioning to the cloud, or to off-premise data centers, comes the need for a portable self-service solution. But never mind that, you can leverage that portability through running our on-premise integrations and just enjoy having a self-service front page available from anywhere.

Can I authenticate with my On-premise AD, Azure AD, OpenID, ADFS, Google ...?

Yes – we use Auth0 to authenticate users, and these options and more are available to use.

What do I need to provide to start?

You need a way of authentication, and a tenant that we’ll help you set up. Just get in touch with us!