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Zephyr is much, much more than just self-service!


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Zephyr started out as a toolbox where you can create different forms and automation flows, and continued as the future of self-service, but during the summer of 2018 all of that changed! The change in vision happened to focus on out-of-the-box, ready to use modules that would help to sell, use, add value and experience for Atea services and at the same time help transition companies from traditional to modern management.

Today our vision for Zephyr is for it to be the only cloud-based platform to deliver modern, efficient and easy to consume managed IT service experiences to Ateas’ new and existing customers.

This means that Zephyr is the all in one tool with endless automation and customization opportunities, not just for customers but also for our employees delivering the services. On top of basic functionality like customer self-service, communication with Service Desk, customized reporting, knowledge base and customer onboarding, the Zephyr platform offers unlimited integration opportunities that result in full device and software life-cycle management and to top it off – future possibilities of AI!

Zephyr – ROAD MAP!

As already stated Zephyr is much more than just basic functionality – it is a value add product for both customers and Atea employees, and our team has big plans for reaching Zephyrs full potential. Here are our plans for the next 4 months of Zephyrs development. Note that as we already have our first customers in Zephyr this plan is very flexible and most likely more things will be added on the go.

The last 2 months were intense!

The vision for Zephyr changed during this summer, that means our team has spent 2 full months to establish a customer ready platform with the improved versions of the most necessary basics. With the main modules being Self Service, Service Desk, Reporting and Form builder.

You all know Service Market and the self-service possibilities it offers – the improved version of self-service is available in Zephyr. Including software installation from SCCM and Intune, so customers can set for which applications approval is required and for which it isn’t, making it possible to control the installation of only licensed applications. But we are not stopping with only traditional self-service – getting a bitloker key now will be possible without the help of service desk and in a more secure way. And how about self-service that works with AI? With Zephyr it all is possible, just wait for it!

The Service Desk module supports an intuitive UI for end-users to create incidents or requests to Service Desk and view your previously created tickets with details like progress and assignment groups – no more calls to Service Desk, just because of an outdated and clunky interface and no more searching for e-mails from Service Desk to find the status of your request. Still have questions – no problem, use the chat option to instantly reach a Service Desk agent or place a comment directly in the ticket.

With data being such a key metric in our modern lives reporting is a must – by combining the best of Cloud Reports and Zephyr we are enabling the Reporting module, with Zephyr insight analytics, custom reports, SLA breach reports for services and settings to set visibility for users and roles.

Of course, a key point in the Zephyr story – the form builder. The form builder technology is used in many aspects of Zephyr, like users can create their own unique self-service forms to automate different processes and establish request flows.

And that’s only the beginning…

Everything around us was an idea before it assumed a tangible form!

We know of the importance of great ideas and constant improvement, so our plans for Q4 and 2019 include adding customers value like knowledge base functionality, simple and at the same time professional, write a knowledge base article and show it to users and user roles that benefit from it, so users have the tools and means to fix their issues themselves. And how about combining Zephyr and Application Packaging tools for even more increased value – we are planning to redesign Application Manager Online into Zephyr, allowing customer to have modern experience ordering, exploring and deploying their requested application packages. Top that with all 100+ AppUpdate application available in Zephyr. Integrations with SCCM and Intune will let customers import applications in any of these software management systems with their chosen settings – it will be easier than ever!

How about a look into 2019?!

See, like, use immediately – this is how nowadays we see products and Zephyr shouldn’t be an exception.

Imagine the future of Zephyr – you order a laptop from the Zephyr e-shop, meanwhile we gather all the data to enable Autopilot and automatically configure your organizations Intune with the new laptop information, you open the laptop and connect to the Wi-Fi, that’s it you automatically get your companies branding information, applications and policies. Now you are good to start your work – all just by connecting to a network! This is what we mean by full device and software life-cycle management. 

This is something that a lot of organizations have waited a long time for, but they don’t have to wait any longer. Zephyr is the future of the modern workplace – one link, one portal, one tool and one place for everything! And we are already experiencing this with our first customers!

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