Where do ready-to-buy customers come from? How do they find Atea and our solutions?

Our answer is Atea Solution World! The traditional roles of Vendor, Distributor, and Reseller are changing. 70% of buyers’ purchase process is online. Atea Solution World supports digital buying behavior for decision makers with new and existing customers when they look for solutions.

Majority of consumers will do their own research before purchasing. Solution World provides large amounts of organic, practical content, which ensures that consumers have the motivation and information to help them select relevant content and ultimately – solutions that fit their needs. Customers journey through Atea Solution World will be based on changing their perception of Atea. This is our chance to shine through displaying success stories and benefits of choosing cooperation with Atea. We are bridging the phases of consideration to buying by filling the gap and providing you the opportunity to view a solution or service in its entirety; including SKU’s for you to be able to start the journey right now. Search no more, everything you need to know, starting from what is new out there in the fast-paced IT world to suggestions on what would benefit your company is now all in one place. We provide you with the necessary education and awareness to inspire you to do business with us.