What is Service Market?

S oftware delivery is a complex task, often involving multiple helpdesk calls and numerous manual interventions before the service is successfully delivered to the end user’s desktop. Delivery often takes several days, resulting in frustrated, unproductive workers.

Many IT tasks, including software delivery, can be automated within today’s IT infrastructures. Service Market is proof of this.

With Service Market you can automate standard IT tasks that you never thought were possible, such as software distribution and access control.


According to Gartner, the number of service desk calls can be reduced by 40% with the introduction of self-service solutions. In addition, costs are reduced by a factor of 30 for each problem solved on its own! Think about how much time and money you can save your company … and we have not yet addressed the positive side effects of a self-service solution.

Atea Service Market is an automated workflow and delivery solution providing the ability for self-service application and operating systems deployment. It integrates with Microsoft® System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (and Service Manager), using our intuitive web interface. This empowers your users to choose the software or service they require from a familiar ‘shopping cart’ interface. Managers can also select updates on behalf of their co-workers and large deployments such as Windows Operating System Upgrades can be selectively timed to minimizing the intrusion in the workday.


Self-service for the
most common IT tasks

End-user friendly

Predefined service

Fully configurable
and automated workflow


and scalable



Fast service

Useful logging

Higher quality

Reduce number of
helpdesk calls


Your own touch


What is the standard time of implementation?

We estimate the work to be 2 weeks. These 2 weeks is spent on giving you a deep understanding in how to operate Service Market. We will also spend time on making a future development plan. The installation itself takes 30 minutes.

Do we need System Center to be able to use Service Market?

No, Service Market can integrate with Configuration and Service Manager. If you do not have those products you can still use Service Market. The only true requirement we have is an Active Directory.

Can we manage the service catalogue ourselves?

Yes, that is the whole point with Service Market. We spend a lot of time making this as easy as possible. The latest request from our customers was a simple “save-as” button which we implemented as part of the standard product. We also invest a lot of time into making sure that you can add/remove elements in the request forms. This could for example be a text box, or a calendar.

Do you offer a trial version?

Yes, we often offer trial versions. These trial versions are in fact time bombing version of the full solution. In cases like this, we charge for the implementation of a proof-of-concept but never the license. The license cost is invoiced when you want to “go-live”.

What is the standard procedure for implementing self-service?

Well, it depends on the level of experience you have from other self-service projects. If you are looking into this for the first time, a self-service project should start on a white board.

What are your pains?

What are the top 3 service requests comming to Service Desk?

Then you start designing the processes for these service requests. In this stage you are more than welcome to contact us, since we have a huge experience from these kinds of projects.

What licenses are needed except from Service Market?

You will need licenses for:

-Windows Server


We do have customers running on SQL Express, but that is something we need to take case-by-case due to SQL Express have some limitation in for example size of the DBs.

Can we install Service Market ourselves?

Yes, we have an installation guide and the whole installation is bootstrapped. We do not recommend you do this without any knowledge of Service Market, since the whole user experience might suffer due to incomplete configuration.