What is PassOn?

I magine you are on a business trip and having problems reaching your service desk to reset your company account password. Meanwhile, your customers are waiting for your fabulous presentation! Such moments can easily damage your company’s reputation…

Is there any easier and faster solution?

Yes, we definitely have one – PassOn.


Atea Global Services has built a faster and simpler alternative service desk for your mobile phone and we call it “PassOn”. PassOn is a mobile phone application capable of solving issues with your corporate account immediately with a simple finger tap on your device!


Unlock your
Windows user account

Set a temporary

Change your
Windows user password

Allow users to use
secret questions


Service Desk
cost saving

Reduced downtime
of unlocked accounts




Is it possible to use a secret question with PassOn?

Yes, you can use Atea Passon with or without a secret question. It is up to you as an administrator, since it is controlled centrally if the secret question security question should be enabled or not.

Are my passwords stored in Microsoft Azure?

No, we do not store any data and/or passwords in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is merely used for what we call the “mailman” – passing forth and back encrypted messages for being able to unlock accounts and reset/change passwords.

How is PassOn priced?

We are great believers of transparency and predictability and thus PassOn – like most of our other services – is priced per user per month. And, this is regardless of how many devices an user has. If you know how many users you have, then you know your costs…

What needs to be installed in my infrastructure?

A small server with a running service, which connects to your Active Directory – that is it.

How long does it take to implement PassOn?

If the needed server is already installed with an operating system, then the implementation of PassOn does not take more than 30 minutes.