Modern Workplace has always been one of the broadest and most important workstreams for Atea and Microsoft. Not only has Atea delivered great results in FY18 joint campaign with Microsoft Go Modern Workplace but have also formed a virtual team across Atea Group to execute on local and global initiatives around Modern Workplace that combine products and concepts such as M365, Atea’s professional and managed services, hardware, Modern Management, and Windows10.

A big part of Modern Workplace initiatives has always been Atea’s approach to provide ongoing customer enablement and education around the latest and greatest technology changing the way how companies work and collaborate. This fiscal year the biggest such initiatives have been the following:
  • The campaign around Windows Server and SQL 2018 end of support
  • O365 adoption campaign around Teams
  • Modern Desktop Assessment Program

Another task Atea and Microsoft teams have at hand today are to work closely with Inside Sales Teams in Dublin and to make Atea’s Modern Workplace offering strongly present in the OCP catalogue. The Swedish team has already had a joint kick-off in Dublin that has brought great results in how the teams work together on the target accounts, the rest of the local teams are in preparations phase and the workshops will follow soon.

Last but not the least pillar of Atea’s Modern Workplace workstream is the joint Modern Workplace message both teams spread by organizing events together – the greatest examples of such events are IT Arena in Sweden, IT Expo in Denmark, IT Community in Norway and IT Focus in Finland. Still, in these digital, times we strongly believe in the power of physical events and touchpoints with our customers and we are happy to see that our strategic partner Microsoft thinks alike.