Cloud computing is an emerging trend, and businesses of all sizes and ages are using cloud computing because of its flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. However, making the transition to the cloud, robust cloud security is imperative. Security threats are continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Cloud computing is not less at risk for security threats than on-premise environment, but it has the capability of centralizing security, reducing cost, and reduce administration of the security perimeter. With the right cloud security measures in place, users can safely access data and applications within the cloud no matter where they are or what device they are using.
Atea Cloud Track – Security
For this reason, customers need to work with cloud providers that offer best-in-class security to achieve a highly secured environment. Atea cloud Track – Security intention is to provide visibilitycontrol, and guidance by delivering customized workshops for customers that need to increase its cloud security. These workshops will depend on the customers’ current environment, size, and complexity. The four focus areas of the Atea Cloud Track – Security is Identity-, Device-, Data- and Application Security. 
Secure Score Championship 2019
The world’s first Microsoft Secure Score competition is at an end with Atea on the podium! 

The competition consisted of making a Microsoft 365 tenant as secure as possible by getting the highest score from the secure score portal. We got access to an empty Microsoft 365 tenant where we only had two hours to make the tenant and its users as secure as possible by using all of the security features Microsoft provide. Atea ended on the podium beating large competitors and showing how we can bring value for our customers in securing their cloud environments. To see the final presentation, which shows the process and result of what we managed to do within TWO HOURS, watch the video.


– Ådne Karlsen Persmoen, Consultant