Say hello to the Service Desk team!

You probably know what is Service Desk, but have you ever thought who are the people behind this name and how the average work day looks like in Service Desk? Here is a look into regular day for our Service Desk!

Face, heart and soul!

When end-users reach out with their IT issues, our Service Desk team has to act fast and precise to achieve a smooth resolution, while keeping a high quality level. When approached they like to call themselves the face, heart and soul of AGS, and who can blame them – for a lot of our customers they are just that. We call it a single point of contact, but for our customers they are that friendly voice that can help at any day or time.

One for all and all for one!

In the eyes of our customers Service Desk is one function, however internally it’s run by several teams:

  • The SPOC Team (no, not that Spok!);
  • The Service Desk Level 1;
  • The Service Desk Level 2;
  • The Incident Management Team;
  • and the Quality Assurance Team.

Each team fulfills a vital role in providing a high quality support!

The case flow!

Cases from our customers come in either by e-mail or phone and end up in our ticketing system. The SPOC Team are the first to receive the tickets and their responsibility is to screen the tickets properly by assessing the priority, putting correct agreement lines, configuration items and assigning the ticket to the correct team and the next point of contact.

Additionally the SPOC team is checking for possible “problem cases” – many similar cases with the same issue or from the same customer. Once such a case is caught SPOC immediately reaches out to the Incident Management team with their suspicions. On top of all that the SPOC team checks the breached case queue by communicating with the agents and working closely with Level 1.

The next escalation point is the Service Desk Level 1!

In Service Desk Level 1 on an average we can resolve around 80% of the incoming cases, here our main focus is the availability on phone lines, work has to be swift and precise! The general mindset in Service Desk is in having as much knowledge as possible and knowing how to use it. Everyone who reaches out to Service Desk expects IT support and help with their issues – having only quality is not enough – knowledge, fast resolution and quality must come together!

If a case takes too long to resolve or Level 1 is a bit short on knowledge they escalate the case to Service Desk Level 2! The level 2 team is more technically advanced, they combine both their technical knowledge and experience to provide the best possible solution for more complex issues. To decrease their workload and improve the over all workflow knowledge transfer to Level 1 is a must! But what happens when even Level 2 can’t help you? Well, there is a “Level 3” or the more specific technical teams.

Quality and control!

The Incident Management team is responsible for having full control over incidents for all our customers! Each Incident Manager is assigned to a few particular customers for whom they are responsible to follow cases and analyze them for tendencies, faults or lack of Service Desk knowledge. Incident Managers are on of the biggest assets in the Service Desk team! They are always involved in managing high priority and large incidents and following them until they are resolved, they are proactively looking or raising problem cases to Level 3 teams in order to improve customer environments and decrease the amount of incidents.

Busy people have to eat to – Incident Managers on a lunch break!

The Quality Assurance team is not a part of the Service Desk business unit, however it is directly involved with the quality of Service Desk – agents are receiving quality training’s and are evaluated on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis on the quality of both their phone calls and case resolution. The quality team are always in the customers corner and has their best interests at heart – they analyze customer surveys and manage the complaint process to improve the quality and customer experience even more!

Service Desk, I am your father!

The Service Desk Business unit Manager Daniels is known as “the father of Service Desk”!

He is responsible for service ownership, financial results and overall processes in the unit, however his character and personality are the biggest assets he brings to the table – every single employee loves and respects him!