Atea Managed Services V02The size and the focus of Atea gives the benefit to serve its customers with a wide range of offerings in one portfolio starting with hardware, software, professional and transformation services that gradually evolve into managed services.

Not only Atea has many great managed services designed locally in countries but also has a huge benefit over many competitors – central managed services hub Atea Global Services.

Since 2018 Atea Global Services has played a crucial role in how Atea differentiates in the market and adds value to the latest and greatest technology of Microsoft being Windows10, EMS, Azure etc. The key to this challenge is managed services.

Today Atea has a full portfolio of managed services corresponding to Microsoft’s pillars – O365, Security, Azure, and Modern Desktop. The offerings cover different customer segments and verticals and very well combinable together.

The combination of managed services hub, Atea sales units and Microsoft’s Inside Sales and local account management teams help the two companies form a force that can approach any size, segment or vertical of customers, together.