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It’s great when our customers praise our work but it’s just as important to be proud of the nice things our colleagues say about it


The dialogue with our Swedish customer Stronghold AB has been ongoing and product business has been the only deliverable from Atea SE, John Karlström, who is the Account Manager for Stronghold AB, was called to a meeting where the customer explained that they were internally strained in the IT department and that they were struggling to provide some services to their end users.

As an example the customer had applications that they could not get packaged and deployed to their end-users – this is where the AGS packaging team came in to save the day! They engaged with the customer and asked Stronghold AB to let AGS help with the most critical application. By approaching this painful issue that the customer was struggling with for months with no luck even when engaging with the application manufacturer, AGS instilled trust with our capabilities in the area already in the initial meeting. Stronghold AB agreed to try out our service and our packaging team quickly generated an AMO portal for the customer and walked them through the process of submitting orders.

John got a call back from the customer the day after, saying that they were extremely pleased with AGS services, our team had delivered a standard package in 1 day and the customer managed to deploy the application to their end-users the same day!

Talk about providing business value to the customer and building trust in Atea! This led the customer to ordering an AppUpadate subscription and an Application voucher, as well as a full Windows 10 project from Atea SE.

This project is ongoing but after it will be complete, the customer is looking at Atea Digital Workplace Services like Client Operations for a long term developing business together with Atea.

So at the end of the day one single application opened up the customer to buying many more services from Atea SE as a whole and established AGS as a trusted partner to do business with and support the customers growth in the long run.

Great job team!

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“I have been involved in implementation projects with project managers and consultants form Atea Global Services as a project manager in Atea Outsourcing Services, and I am very pleased with the level of competency and capacity for solutions in AGS. It really is a professional attitude that serves our customers’ best. I have also been involved in operational tasks with AGS as an Operation Manager with one of AOS’ largest customers, and I find AGS both highly knowledgeable and willing to take on new challenges.


Furthermore, as a project manager I have had several good customer meetings with AGS representatives, both by video, with customers in Riga, and on-site at customer locations. This positive and solution oriented attitude contributes to successful customer meetings.


As an Operation Manager I have used my experience with AGS to improve service deliveries to customers, and brought customer representatives to Riga in order to create stronger ties for a close working relationship. AGS has already contributed to several good proposals that our now in the transition phase.


AGS has a comprehensive and good product and documentation portfolio, with regular reviews. The information is easily accessible, and if there is something I cannot find, I also receive good assistance form AGS.”

– Stian Lie-Eriksen, Operations Manager, Atea Outsourcing Services

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I am very happy with the level of competency in AGS. Whenever I have had inquiries to AGS I have always rceived good and promt replies to my questions. Not only has AGS contributed will in bids and processes, but we are also able to access AGS information in a productive and sensible way. With the help form Nam Pham and Microsoft Teams it has become very easy to access the necessary information about the services and the right people at AGS.”

– Håkon Kristiansen, Solution Sales Advisor, Atea NO

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