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It’s great when our customers praise our work but it’s just as important to be proud of the nice things our colleagues say about it


As an Account Manager for Atea Finland, I have been truly happy and satisfyed having a named AGS responsible working here in Finland shoulder to shoulder with Finnish Sales and Solution Sales.

It is much easier to get the AGS part of a solution proposals put together with local HW, SW and services modules as we can discuss and share information on the case in detail face to face. Harri Becker, AGS Sales Manager for Finland also takes part in customer meetings and plans together with the customer their road-map regarding EndUser Services (for me 🙂 )

Taking Harri and AGS services into my basic DLM cases as an addition, the cases have grown fast to a much broader EndUser services service provision covering managing customer service delivery platforms (SCCM/Intune) and end user support from service Desk. 

In many cases taking AGS within has opened me new doors as Atea is taken to discussions on a global level and on a new hunting fields. Nowadays we even have a saying in Finland that NOT offering the customer Atea Self Service portals / solutions should be criminalized 🙂 as Service Market & Zephyr are so beneficial for the customers saving them time and money – same time bring Atea good service revenue. 

Harri has a 12 years background in Atea Finland EUS Sales and therefore has a good understanding what are the services that in each case are the key components to make the case or what are the services that we can break ice with and get new customers joining in to Atea service provision. This combo – new AGS status as part of local sales and Harri’s long background at Atea is a winning recipe for us all!

It is easy and straight forward to ask Harri to organize customer trips to AGS, Riga. Everything is organized and customers happy and astonished by AGS services readiness and the professional approach of each and every aspect at location. These trips are an asset to Account management in building the customers a picture of Atea being a truly modern, agile, performing and human partner to them now and the upcoming years. 

I, myself have been working for Atea since the spring 1994 and seen kings (like E.g. Novell technologies) rise and fall during the decades. With this perspective, in creating good account management and Atea services sales. I can warmly recommend all my colleagues to take a call or throw email to Harri and discuss what you can do together towards your customers!

I urge all my colleagues in all Atea countries to make it for us even more easy to sell AGS services by providing AGS reference info about our customers. 

Currently this element is missing and only WE, Account Responsibles that own the Customer Agreements area able to help to create a global reference bank and there-for more sales! ” 

– Jukka Haikonen, Account Manager, Atea Finland

Great job Harri!

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Atea SE Region Middle has a long standing relationship with the customer Region Västmanland, who recently reach out to Atea for assistance with their W10 project. Atea Project manager Mats Sedlacek and Key Account Manager Albert Hahn sat down and planned the W10 project, while planning the project they identified a bottleneck around the customers applications.

The customer was packaging application themselves and sometimes hired costly external application resources from other companies.

This however, was not consistent in quality, had no SLA’s or predictable costs to budget in the project, more so the W10 project need exceeded the customer internal and external capacity.

Atea Project Manager Mats emphasized this fact to the customer as a risk in the project and suggested that Atea in order to ensure the delivery of the W10 project, would use AGS to secure this critical stage of the project.

The customer trusted Atea, where not convinced that AGS could deliver with said SLA’s and with a thorough good quality…. So we simply had the customer test the service! 🙂

The customer sent 3 applications and were instantly struck by the quality and speed of the service delivered by AGS, so last week they ordered a 200 application voucher for their W10 project! 

A good start to their project and an assurance for Mats and the customer in the work ahead! 

Great job team!

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I am very much pleased with the way AGS handled my customer’s request. The way Nam Pham, AGS Sales Manager form Norway took responsibility for the case and follows up in a structured and tidy manner until the right resources are assigned in order to complete the customer’s request. This is of great value for me as an account manager with responsibility for a wide array of customers I would like to offer all of Atea’s comprehensive service portfolio to.

Nam contributed with constructive and open questions, making sure that we together with the customer found the best way to deliver client management according to the customer’s needs.

Using the AGS Teams channel and regular newsletters from AGS I can keep myself up-to-date on what’s going on. However the best contact is the personal touch I get directly with Nam here is Norway, being proactive and helpful with suggestions when I need assistance in customer cases.” 

– Sonja Langeland , Retail, Atea Norway

Great job Nam!

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Power BI reports delivered by Rihards have been insightful and easy to use. As major benefit in cooperation I see robust understanding of financials and key metrics to measure company’s performance and efficiency that makes communication easy. Having reports available makes easy to track deviations and apply changes on the go.

– Maris Krumins, CFO, AppXite

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It is really positive that AGS now has a dedicated sales manager in Norway, someone who can be the bond between Atea in Norway and AGS resources in Riga. From commercial and technical clarifications and support to pricing and sales related presentations this works really well.

Nam Pham was a great asset in a meeting with Lerøy Seafood Group before the summer, where we presented Atea’s Client Operation concept. Nam has also contributed well in the ongoing work to propose a Client Operation solution to the customer.

A refreshing point to make is that Norwegian language presentations from AGS are made available via Nam. Today this is distributed via Microsoft Teams, something that make collaboration much easier than before. 

– Christer Hennø, Klient og lisens Bergen

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