Go Live for Hurtigruten


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Signing a new customer is a great feeling, but when you can sell additional services to an existing customer than you know they are really happy with what yoy are providing!

A first time for everything or the short story of the Go Live on Enterprise Mobility Management for Hurtigruten!

Hurtigruten is an existing AGS customer and has been one for so time, and for this time we have provided Full Client Operations do them. But here comes spring 2018 and they are interested in exploring something more – this time Hurtigruted choose the Enterprise Mobility Management solution – Intue. The cach – they are the first customer who have choosen this solution!

The project was initiated late April ‘2018 and at first it was like looking into a dark room and waiting when someone will turn on the lights to see what’s in the room. Once that happened, it took some time for our team to research and understand all the information that was given, but after some hours spent on collecting all the data a Project Plan was set with a clear path on how to proceed.

The project schedule was very tight! GDPR was coming and this was one of the main reasons that Hurtigruten chose the solution. Our Transition team didn’t waste any time and went straight to work with the customer. Two weeks past without even noticing and it was time for the first face-to-face meet with the customer. Our team had a great and productive workshop with Hurtigruten in Riga, collecting all requirements to finalize the implementation and also building a strong cooperation between Hurtigruten and AGS.

Two more weeks flew by and almost everything was established. The Intune service was implemented according to the provided requirements, all of the necessary documentation was delivered and the solution was successfully tested. The only part that was left was to agree with Hurtigruten on how they woul proceed with the mass enrollment. Hurtigruten has decided to start with a “Soft enrollment” during the summer, and this time will act as a Pilot period for AGS, but strting from September Hurtigruten will proceed with a forced enrollment, where it will be mandatory for all users to enroll their devices.

Thanks to the profesional work of our theam the project was delivered very smoothily and without any bumps in the road – even with this beeing the first time for AGS delivering the service! Our team handled it like we have been delivering the service for years. The customer is happy and has full trust in us!

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