We’re hiring a

Data Quality Engineer

We are looking for a Data Quality Engineer to be a part of our BI and Data Analytics Team. Work in a hybrid model setup (Part-time from the office, part-time from home).



  • Design, implement and improve data integration, transformation, and calculation processes;
  • Design and maintain optimal data pipeline architecture;
  • Write testing plans and routines, manage continuous integration and regression testing processes;
  • Be the key person for clearing data for release according to delivery specifications;
  • Design, monitor and maintain QA reports, KPIs & quality trends for the internal data systems;
  • Create test plans and test cases;
  • Define a process to create, monitor, and change/rectify data quality and completeness issues jointly with Business;
  • Execute and automate test cases, and perform bug tracking;
  • Help create and implement quality processes and requirements;
  • Implement data profiling and data quality dashboard metrics;
  • Conduct regular sessions with data consumers to assess process, system, and people impacts of data quality changes and issues;
  • Document master/reference data and develop rules for maintaining them;
  • Conduct regular consultations with business to gain the necessary knowledge of data;
  • Develop conceptual business rules and automation process to detect data quality issues against completeness, consistency, and conformity of data;
  • Evaluate and recommend data quality tools to implement and maintain processes and policies.


  • Hands-on experience with ETL process design, implementation, and use of ETL tools;
  • Good understanding of data processing principles;
  • Good understanding of software development lifecycle;
  • Good analytical and communication skills;
  • Experience in Database development;
  • Strong advanced SQL expertise;
  • Solid understanding and experience of the principles and operations of high volume, variety, and velocity in business intelligence, data warehousing, reporting, and analytics platforms;
  • Strong understanding of Business Intelligence concepts and best practices, with an understanding of its strategic importance to organizations;
  • Bachelor in IT-related fields;
  • Relevant certifications in the field.

Any of the following will be considered a benefit:

  • BI/Data Warehouse solutions experience.


An international and
fast pace environment

Endless training
and growth opportunities

Company events
and an active social life

telephone expenses

A modern office
with free parking

Company covered
health insurance


1400-2400 EUR