The problem:

One of our customers was running their Software as a Service e-commerce platform fully in Microsoft Azure, and their requirement was to build a monitoring solution for all the environment with native Azure tools, not using any 3rd party tools, regardless if they were opensourced or not.

The Ates solution:

When the customer provided a list of items to be monitored for each of the Azure Services and thresholds for alerting, we were able to build a monitoring and alerting solution based on Azure Monitor, Azure Policies and Custom Alerting in Azure. For continuous operations and setup the customer used Atea Global Services Managed Services – Azure Resource Monitoring and Azure Operations. The customer now has a fully functional monitoring setup in Azure Monitor with Alerting and monitoring dashboards, and by leveraging Azure Policy all newly deployed services will have some monitoring parameters and will be onboarded automatically.

“Our Azure Managed Services fully matched the customers’ requirements and our experts were able to fulfill these requirements efficiently and quickly.”

Gunars Lodzins
Service owner for Azure Managed Services, Atea Global Services

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