What are Custom-made Packages?
Atea has more than two decades experience of application packaging and we have pride in delivering the absolute highest quality of application packages.

It might sound easy, but developing highly customized application packages for automatic software distribution is not an simple task. It requires expertise and working with discipline on a daily basis.

Ateas custom-made application packaging service not only guarantees you fully personalized application packages compliant with all your packaging standards, but also an easy and effective delivery process using our cloud-based Application Manager Online portal for application portfolio management.

Get your application packages the way you need them done.

Key Features


ISO 20000 (ITIL) certified Service Delivery


ISO 9001 (Quality) certified Quality Assurance

Your own Technical Project Manager

Fully customized application packages

Fixed price per package no matter the complexity

Day-To-Day Delivery - clear and precise SLAs and KPIs


Support for all common packaging technologies


Flat rate pricing

Guaranteed SLAs and KPIs

Your own Technical Project Manager

Maintenance agreements

Extensive Quality Assurance

Fully documented application packages

What kind of documentation do you need for being able to create custom-made application packages for me?

We need installation, configuration and testing instructions plus the installation media.

The different instructions can be made available to us by screen-dumps in Word or PDF-files – the time consuming way – or even better for both you and us by using our premier documentation tool called AppDisco. With AppDisco you automatically record small film clips on how you would like a certain application to be installed and configured. Instead of spending up to 60 minutes by creating screen-dumps for an application, you can automatically record the installation and configuration routine. AppDisco is an integrated part of Atea premier application portfolio management solution called Application Manager Online.

Which application packaging formats do you support?

We support and deliver all of the following packaging formats.

  • Windows Installer (MSI)
  • Intune MSI
  • Microsoft App-X
  • Microsoft App-V
  • Mac OS
  • Citrix XenApp Streaming
  • VMware ThinApp Virtualization
We have company packaging standards - will you follow those?

Yes, of course we will.

Make them available to us before the application packaging and we will follow them. On top of that we will also give you feedback on your company packaging standards based on our extensive application packaging knowledge – we call this CSI (Continous Service Improvement) and it is just one of the many benefits you get by letting Atea package your applications.

What are your SLAs?

We work with 3 different priorities when delivering custom-made application packages.

  • Priority VIP – finished and ready to deploy application package delivered within 24 hours
  • Priority 1 – finished and ready to deploy application package delivered within 3 working days
  • Priority 2 – finished and ready to deploy application package delivered within 10 working days

Our usual SLA is priority 2 and we expect 60% of all packaging request from a customer to be priority 2. Up to 40% of all packaging requests from a customer can be priority 1, while the VIP priority is limited to two (2) requests per month and a direct and reachable contact person is required. Additional charges for priority VIP application packages may apply.

If you are in need of different SLAs, please contact us for a proposal.

Can you maintain/update my custom-made application packages?

Yes, we can offer to maintain and update your custom-made packages, if we have packaged at least 90% of your application portfolio – for example during a migration project – we can offer you a yearly flat-rate maintenance (FRM) for all your application packages.

Please contact your Atea account manager for further details.

Do you give any guarantees on the produced application packages?

Yes, we do.

But, please be aware of that application packages are developed only for a targeted client platform and based on information described in your base image configuration. Custom-made application packages will be valid as long as the target client platform or configuration is not changed in any way that could impact the previously and delivered custom-made application package functionality.

How are custom-made application packages priced?

First of all it is important to note, that Atea is working with a flat fee when talking about custom-made application packages. We do not differ pricing when talking about complexity. The flat fee gives transparency and predictability for our customers – they know how much an application packages will cost…no hidden or changed fees.

The flat fee per application package is influenced by:

  • Volume – meaning how many application packages you as a customer expect to order
  • Time – meaning in which time period you expect to order a certain amount of application packages

Custom-made application packages can be purchased by paying with:

  • Click-price – no upfront commitment on number of custom-made application packages. You get invoiced per ordered custom-made application package.
  • Voucher – you pay upfront for a certain amount of application packages and are thus eligible for a discount based on the volume
How do I get started with custom-made application packaging?

Very simple – just sign up!

After you sign up we will verify your information and send you information necessary for login to Application Manager Online portal – our premier application portfolio management solution.

How do I order custom-made application packages?

Using our premier application portfolio management solution called Application Manager Online