To promote and give customers the best service journey possible, Norway is working on many activities:

  • A very important topic at the moment is to help customers to migrate from SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 as the end of support deadline is already approaching. Atea Norway addresses the change with a campaign to inform customers about possibilities and support from Atea side.
  • Over the past couple of years, security has become a very important and trending topic in IT business. Atea Norway security technicians have started to undergo different tracks of security training organized both on local as well as on the group level.
  • Atea and Microsoft are together working on a campaign to educate local municipalities and help them to onboard the latest Microsoft services
  • Last but not the least – Atea Norway has ensured that l each week you can watch new podcast episodes with customer stories in the following link – .


Atea Finland has a very clear vision about future engagement and possibilities, as a marketing plan has been prepared together with Microsoft and many joint activities will be helpful during the upcoming months:

  • In April a customer event will be held, where more than 20 customers will participate to gain a clear understanding of Atea and Microsoft provided services.
  • Awareness campaigns around Office365 and E3 Security add-on will take place to inform customers about possibilities, help them to enroll in services and give value-added support.
  • Atea Finland will host customer webinars on topics such as the end of support for Windows Server and SQL 2008 as well as Teams and enablement of productive collaboration.
  • Marketing around Azure will continue to play a crucial role in Atea Finland communication with customers.
In Sweden, it’s all about improving already existing services and promoting new ones, and Sweden is doing an amazing job here:

  • A huge campaign around moving municipalities to the Cloud will be launched very soon to educate more than 120 municipalities about possibilities with Atea and Microsoft and eventually help them to enroll in the services.
  • Atea Sweden will continue the awareness raising initiatives with campaigns around Microsoft Teams and Azure Services.
  • Another campaign to target a different segment of Atea’s customers – SMB – will take place around Microsoft 365 to improve the managed services attach rate to software deals in SMB space.
  • Last but not the least Sweden is among the happy countries to have Ignite, The Tour happening locally. Atea Sweden is very much looking forward to the event.
Denmark is building a lot of activities around Modern Desktop and Azure workstreams:

  • Customer Cloud Journey to integrate different Atea services in one customer story and explain the big picture to the customer.
  • Sales of existing Managed Services and deployment of new ones.
  • Digital transformation for the first line workers to onboard them into the digital culture with Teams Mobile and Devices management.
  • DC migration and modernization, new services as Atea Cloud Health Check and workshop for Cost Optimization in Azure.
It has been very productive H1 in Baltics and a lot of activities were performed during the previous half of the year but nothing speaks louder than the voice of the customer ( To continue with growth and success stories, Baltics have prepared future initiatives for the upcoming months:

  • To spread a word around Atea and Microsoft services in Baltics, a “Microsoft Day” event will take place for focus customer list where the main topics such as ATEA Identity and Access Management Solutions, ATEA Managed Services and Modern Device Management will be covered.
  • A customer webinar for Atea’s SMC/CSP customer will be held to upsell from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. The webinars will be in English with subtitles in different languages to allow other countries to invite their customers – do once, benefit all ATEA countries.