What is Cloud Software Asset Management?

Managing deployed software asset portfolio and compliance is a complex and time-consuming process as it requires you to perform software inventory, data normalization, license data collection and in the end, putting it all together to have a correct picture of your IT environment.

Atea Cloud SAM provides visibility and transparency into your on-premise IT environment – deployed software portfolio and hardware. Its main data sources are SCCM and Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit, hence data gathering does not require additional agent deployment. Cloud SAM enables you to identify application and compliance risks in your IT environment and locate unused applications.


Software as a Service

No inventory agents’
deployment is required

Reports are
available online

Various reporting
categories are presentd

Provides software
usage details

User friendly


More control

High availability

Saving opportunities

Reduced risks


Do you share my licensing data with for example Microsoft or Adobe?

Absolutely not! We will not share your licensing data with anyone else. Only you as the customer will have access to your licensing data and the Atea Cloud SAM reports.

If you would like your LSP to get access to the Atea Cloud SAM reports, we require written permission from you as the customer to share this information with your LSP.

Do you cover SAP, Oracle and IBM compliance as well?

No, Cloud SAM delivers basic compliance reports based on installation licensing model. We are working to expand Cloud SAM licensing capabilities in the future!

Can Atea Cloud SAM be installed on-premises or in my own Microsoft Azure account?

Yes, it is possible to implement Atea Cloud SAM in your own datacenter or Microsoft Azure subscription.

Do we need System Center Configuration Manager to use Cloud SAM?

No, Cloud SAM has two possible data sources: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP Toolkit) and SCCM. You can use free MAP toolkit as an inventory source for Cloud SAM.

What is standard time for implementation?

Usually, it takes up to 2 hours to implement and you are up and running next day with initial data already in the system!

How often is information in Cloud SAM updated ?

Data are processed, and compliance information is recalculated once a day. The refresh cycle for the underlying inventory data depends on the inventory source: default configuration in SCCM is 7 days, for MAP toolkit – once the environment is rescanned.

Are my data protected in the cloud ?

Yes, they are. Encryption is used at all times, when data are travelling from your inventory source to Cloud SAM and accessed via the Web portal. Azure cloud provides unprecedented protection and resiliency for data at rest.