With the onset of the new year, comes a new wave of initiatives inside Atea’s Azure Workstream that focus on key areas to drive the Azure Business to new heights such as education, new managed services, customer journeys and more.

The poster-child of the new year is called Atea Cloud Academy, which is a new brand inside of the organization that aims to raise competency across the board and build the foundation for collaboration and innovation not only in the Azure space, but across all areas with its first iteration launching in the beginning of January of 2019 with cooperation from Microsoft and OpsGility.

The initiative marks us as the Second Organization to deliver structured and deep technical training alongside Microsoft in the world and the first in Europe.

The launch class led 50 Azure Consultants from 7 Nations over the course of 4 days through an intense technical deep-dive focusing on Azure Infrastructure Management, resulting in the creation of a cross country consultant group aiming to share knowledge and expertise, collaborate on projects and customer cases, and share information on new technologies around the cloud space.

The Atea Cloud Academy is our new way to educate and collaborate, a companywide brand to drive the spirit of innovation and teamwork to the next level.

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Atea CloudTrack
The Atea Cloud Delivery Framework is now Atea CloudTrack, the new name brings new challenges and new ideas to bring Cloud Computing to our customers in an easily consumable way. Utilizing experience gained over years of supporting and working with clients, we have combined best practices, lessons learned and new competencies to help customers with their cloud journey from start to finish.
CloudTrack as an umbrella framework focuses on several primary cloud journeys, such as migration, governance and cost control, each containing separate pathways and steps necessary to achieve the overall goal, to bring customers to the cloud, provide them with the best expertise to optimize and operate the environment, while providing support services, thus establishing us as the #1 Digital Workplace Partner.
Plans include the release of an ad campaign, utilizing video and detailed consultant and sales training to ensure our customers and potential customers are educated and can start their track as easy as possible.

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