Atea delivers global digital workplace to SimCorp

The Danish Fintech company SimCorp has chosen Atea as the supplier of Europe’s largest digital workplace solution. As part of SimCorp’s large cloud transformation, 150 Surface Hub 2S will in future ensure the efficiency and collaboration of the company’s 1,800 employees in more than 20 offices in 13 countries. The delivery also includes a complete adoption program to ensure that the large IT investment becomes a success with every single individual user.

Ballerup, February, 2020

The total collaboration and meeting room solution for SimCorp covers the installation of Surface Hubs and a complete organizational implementation process involving all SimCorp executives and employees. The focal point of the solution is Microsoft Teams, and just to anchor the new collaboration hub across SimCorp’s many employees, Atea’s adoption consultants will be busy visiting all countries as an important part of the implementation phase.

Super users aren’t always enough

Although in-depth training of a number of super users among SimCorp’s employees is an important step in the implementation phase, only one of several elements in the overall plan is to ensure that all employees onboard at the right pace. This is what Ateas Manager for Digital Acceleration & Adoption, Øzcan Deveci says:

“First and foremost, communication and project management have a pervasive and vital role in achieving a global project of this size. An important element of the plan is our kickoff event in each country for all employees and managers. Here, the purpose is to raise awareness of the new solution, communicate clearly about the reason for the implementation, present the super users and provide training materials, How-to guides and FAQ’s. It’s a great way to create engagement and motivation among the people who actually need to use the solution in everyday life. It is important to ensure that the investment is successful. ”

In addition to super user training and local kickoff meetings, Atea facilitates sessions for SimCorp employees and sets up physical adoption stations in all countries where employees can come by and get a demo of Surface Hub and Teams, ask questions and get materials delivered, which will help them to become more familiar with the new collaboration tool.

“We want to be at the forefront of our employees’ demands for the digital workplace. We know that the right digital tools are crucial to both productivity and our ability to attract and retain the right employees in the future. Atea must help us ensure that the new tools come under the skin of our employees. It is a large and complex project when so many countries and offices are involved, so it makes sense to involve external advisors, ”says SimCorp

Atea is investing in the digital workplace

The significant order from SimCorp lands at Atea after a few years of hard focus on creating and expanding a department with a specific focus on the digital workplace and the use of the many different digital tools that come with it.

“This is an area we prioritize at Atea, and I am delighted that with SimCorp we are able to demonstrate that even in large global companies, we can provide the necessary strategic advice needed for IT investment. ”

“Historically, we have been very skilled at selling and delivering a technical implementation. But today it is just as much about understanding every aspect of our customers’ business and understanding how the technology should be used. Getting a new IT system installed and implemented is not a success in itself. Success comes only when one’s employees become comfortable with the new solution and new ways of working and can see the meaning of it. Here, our adoption consultants play a crucial role – they must work across departments and across borders and be able to engage in dialogue with both the IT director and employees on the floor. ”

The adoption department supports Atea’s ambitious growth targets in the Information Management business area, which by 2022 is expected to grow to at least 20 % of the Group’s total revenue.