Teams has been in the center of the Modern Workplace activities for the past 2 years and if you have wondered over the past few months if it can be any more busy around this pillar – now you know that it certainly can as Teams has become the hero of the new modern workplace settings – read – working from home scenario.

Atea being a true Microsoft-pro organization has adapted the new settings very fast – since the middle of March almost all the organization is working from home and in Teams, the Group IT in cooperation with the local teams is running a communication campaign to enable employees to feel comfortable working from home as well as share tips on how to better manage capacity, pick the right solution and stay productive in the different surroundings.

This is also the time when many of our colleagues can find a spare moment to polish their competencies and knowledge so more and more education sessions appear in the calendars such as group-wide webinars on Teams usage and CPOR and trainings on managed services to ensure Atea stays the trusted advisor in whatever journey the customer is going through.

Now when the employees are equipped with all the knowledge around working from home it is utterly important to pass the message to our customers as well to continue the engagements we have started before COVID-19 changed the way we work. Let us look into some highlights around our approach towards customers:


We believe that in the times when the whole modern workplace game is changed entirely within a few weeks we as the largest IT provider in the region have the role of influencers and advisors to the society. This strategy has certainly been the correct one as all of Atea countries have hosted webinars around effective working from home and Teams usage for different segments. Even more – Atea has hosted the most attended webinars in its history – working from home webinar with around 3500 attendees and Teams for teachers webinar with around 4000 attendees.

Partner Accelerator engagements

As the demand of customers to implement Teams and enable their employees to collaborate remotely is very high, Atea’s Customer Success Manager and Adoption teams have effectively switched to delivering the Partner Accelerator engagements virtually. Our task today is not only ease this different period to our customers but also ensure that when we all return to our offices Teams remain to be in the center of the modern workplace.

Blogs & Media

On top of the scheduled engagements, it is also to stay informed and know that there is someone to turn to if there is a need. Below are a few resources Atea Sweden team has created:

A Team for Teams

Can we take the support to even the next level? Yes, we can! The team in Lithuania has created an external Teams site for the customers to use as a forum to ask questions and receive advice, there is a full-time moderator assigned to the channel to monitor it and engage with customers.