Teams adoption engagements are taking place in full speed in the Nordic market and Atea is in the front seat as the trusted partner for the customer. At the same time we are taking the next step in the Teams story by looking into Teams governance service to our customers. 

Teams adoption

Take a look at the cool video created by Atea Sweden and Microsoft Sweden of how the Teams adoption happens in real life in a small yet very agile company.

Curious of how the adoption journey happens in larger organizations? Rest assured, Atea has it all and is also engaged in large scale M365 adoption projects where Teams is one of the components. One of such projects Atea Denmark has recently been involved with is for the well-known beer producer Carlsberg. See below are the posters that were distributed in the Carlsberg organization during the project.

Teams service coming soon

Finally, we are taking the next step in the Teams story by looking into Teams governance service to our customers.

The offering is under development in Atea Sweden and aims to automate numerous things regarding Teams with a lot of possibilities still to be discovered.

The service starts at the moment when Teams site is created configuring the settings, activating access review for every 90 days, creating a case in Service Now, informing the compliance admin and other steps to not only make Teams a great experience for the users but also have it as an integrated and constantly monitored component of even the most complex IT infrastructure.