While our customers are adapting the new way of working and collaborating our security and identity teams and working hard to ensure that the new threats that have appeared with corporate devices joining in from different places and networks. Atea is definitely the right security partner for any organization and below is what we do to ensure that:

Customer webinars

We have had a focused Security webinar in Atea DK with around 100 customers joining in, now it is time for the security team to work on all the leads after the event. Similar events are planned for different regions in Norway as well.

Internal webinars

With help of Microsoft engineering teams Atea employees are improving their security and identity competences with monthly webinars covering topics such as MCAS, secure hybrid access, identity management and feature licensing.

New managed service

In response to the increasing demand for Microsoft security solutions and management around them Atea has developed Atea Threat Protection service with Microsoft Defender ATP that provides security alerting, incident management and response to ensure high security posture of endpoints environment.