Security and Identity

Security Workshops and Teamwork assessments, regular Security & Identity webinars – we have been working actively building on our strong technical baseline.

Partner Accelerators

The FY20 Partner Accelerators cover all he needs company’s IT infrastructure may have and Atea is working actively on implementing the assessments and workshops in the offerings across the region.

By the end of November there have been 9 completed engagements – Security Workshops and Teamwork Assessments – finalized with the customers by Atea Finland and Atea Denmark and many more in the pipeline while Atea Norway and Atea Sweden are working hard to build the framework and organization to engage with the customers.

Need more details about Partner Accelerators C3 funding and trainings? Contact Dagne Grass, Modern Workplace and Security Lead Atea Group!

Trainings and Certifications

Building on the strong technical baseline obtained in Q2 2019 during the first Security and Identity edition of Atea Cloud Academy we keep building on the knowledge with regular Security & Identity webinars with engineers and program managers from Microsoft Corp.

As a rule, the knowledge has to be used in action and so there are preparations going on in Atea countries for MS-500 and AZ-500 certificates to obtain Microsoft Security Partner status.

Are you interested to attend the webinars or listen to the recordings? Or simply want to join a forum of colleagues working with Microsoft Security and Identity offerings? Join the public Teams site LV-Atea Group Microsoft Security Team and follow the discussions!