Q4 in the landscape of Microsofts’ year is the busiest period when everyone is focusing not only on closing all things that need to be closed for the year but also actively planning the new year. For Atea, it means setting the priorities for the next Growth and Transformation initiative with Microsoft.
Although the details are still being negotiated upon Atea has already identified the focus areas for FY20 that will be driven on top of previously ongoing initiatives:

Modern Workplace

Scale sales of Microsoft Security solutions

  • Leverage Security practice to each country and region
  • Continue Atea Cloud Academy security edition
  • Go to Market strategy with Security journeys
  • Co-sell offerings in each country
  • Webinars, local seminars and newsletters

Modern Collaboration – scale Teams practice

  • Add new Productivity consultants
  • Leverage Surface Hub conference rooms opportunity
  • Dedicated Teams practice owner to focus on IP, training, and sharing
  • Drive co-sell with P-CSM
  • Webinars, videos, and seminars on Teams adoption


Atea Hybrid Platform

  • Atea Cloud Track continuation with 10 new journeys
  • Atea Cloud Academy leveraging for 350+ consultants and 250+ sellers
  • Add more solution sellers in each country


Atea Digital Platform for information management

  • Atea Digital Platform journey in Atea Cloud Track
  • Atea Digital Platform journey in Atea Cloud Academy
  • Add dedicated Atea Digital Platform solution sellers in each country

Atea DC Migration – Project Northland 3

Transform Atea’s data center outsourcing services into Europe’s largest Center of Excellence for managed cloud services


  • Managed Services sales with Atea365 and CIE – set up more CIE rooms to drive SMB CIE sessions
  • Customer Success Team – add new CSM and Managed Services, Specialists
  • Continue to scale up SMB sales capacity – add more SMB sellers


  • Drive usage of AppXite portal with customers

  • Central Microsoft business development team to drive/execute AGI projects

  • Atea Front Line Transformation Fund (new architects, MVPs, etc.)