What is Atea International Customer Center?

Atea Thinks Globally together with AICC!

Your organization is doing great and has expanded in multiple countries outside the Nordic/Baltic borders? You have always wanted centrally controlled IT equipment deliveries & services? For this reason Atea Group has established a centralized function – Atea International Customer Center that will ensure that You receive the Nordic quality in the most cost-efficient way for all range of services & hardware Globally.

One of the main focuses for Atea is to follow it`s customers around the Globe with the same wide range of products and services as we provide in the Nordics and Baltics. For decades Atea`s customers benefit from the high quality standards of IT deliverable within the “home market” and in order to ease customer struggles with insufficiency among different IT providers Worldwide, ATEA has created a local supplier & alliance based model while remaining the only contractual party towards the customer. This standardized model is managed and maintained by Atea International Customer Center.


IT supplier network &
alliances covering 5 continents Worldwide

Streamlined, ITIL based local
solutions for HW & Services

Less complexity &
reduced administration for customers

Single Point of Contact for
any kind of enquirers globally

High transparency &
centralized control of IT deliverables

Personal approach for customer
key needs & requirements


Full life cycle management
on a global scale

Timely status updates
and accurate reporting

supply chain

One centralized
delivery partner


What type of onsite services can you provide globally?

We can provide services like IMAC/D, Recycling, Break&Fix, Local Image loading and prestaging, Local stock management and warehousing.

Can you deliver all kind of manufacturers globally?

Yes, Atea (AICC) has a broad scope of local suppliers and through them it is possible to deliver a wide range of products from the worlds best known manufacturers. Unless there are some country specific restrictions.

Is it possible to provide local invoicing?

Yes, the IT supplier network & alliance approach has the possibility for local invoicing, in such cases the customer`s local subsidiary will need to issue a PO towards our supplier.

What kind of reporting can you provide

AICC offers a possibility for continuous updates on progress for both HW & service deliveries Globally using a cloud based reporting tool – Power BI. Most popular figures to be presented for HW deliveries are SLA conformity, overall spent per subsidiary, catalogue price fluctuations etc.; for service deliveries: SLA conformity, overall service hours spent per subsidiary etc.

Are there any administrational fees for centralized distribution and control?

Yes, for ongoing deliveries or service support a fixed implementation fee will apply, itis followed by a fixed monthly fee. For projects: one fixed fee will be introduced.

Can AICC adopt customers' existing suppliers into the "Atea approach"?

Yes, this is possible through 3 phase partner transformation & integration model when AICC undertakes the exiting supplier under the Atea standard processes, internal KPIs, systems and other important elements.