2019, what a fantastic year it’s been so far. By far one of the proudest achievements we’ve had is the successful launch of our Atea Cloud Academy and using it to provide top of the line training to our employees to really push our competencies to the next level. But not only that! It’s proven to be a fantastic tool to cultivate our cross-country cooperation amongst not only our technical teams but our management staff and is creating an increasingly creative environment where ideas sprout and projects are designed and executed.

We had the pleasure of hosting our second Cloud Academy boot camp in Riga, Latvia at the end of May focusing on Data, with another great turn out of over 43 consultants from across the group. To gain a little bit more insight into how it was, we shot a short video to sum it up.

Our plans for the remainder of the year are just as ambitious as the previous half by continuously organizing large scale boot camps but also launching them on a smaller and more localized scale and opening the Cloud Academy up to our customers, which will provide a fantastic forum for them to not only learn about the latest and greatest Azure features, but also to give them a chance to meet our technical teams and build connections that can benefit everyone in the long run.

But let’s take a step back. I did mention “localized boot camps” let me explain.

The quarterly Cloud Academy boot camps are done in cooperation with Microsoft and a training partner, the technical deep dives that aim to bring the consultant up to L300-400. We realize that not everyone has the necessary competency to join into these major sessions right away; therefore we have discussed and planned a structure on how we can lift all of our consultants and technical staff to the necessary level, to garner the maximum benefit out of these courses.

In order to do so we elected to utilize a 3 tier process starting with self-education by using Microsoft available resources, running localized boot camps with less participants and hosted by our Academy “Grand Masters” to provide the necessary prework and focus on more specific topics rather than just Infrastructure or Data as a whole, and finally our large scale boot camps. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks in our Atea. Azure consultant community and don’t forget to sign up for our next boot camp in September! 

– Oscar Klevjer Thøgersen, Azure V-team lead