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What is Atea Business Services Center?

The Place to Be for Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing

Atea Shared Services Center is a dedicated unit located in Riga that is structured as a centralized point of service.

We help our customers to be more effective and be one step ahead of their competitors by offering administrative efficiency and reduced costs. By trusting us to handle administrative tasks from different business areas our customers receive cost-efficient and centralized back-office operations thus eliminating redundancy and being able to focus their resources on core activities.




Customer Care

Licensing Support

Software Asset Management

Robotic Process Automation




Focus on
core areas

Access to
skilled resources

Gain greater
span of control

Reap the benefits
of standardization

Easy monitoring
& reporting


When was AGS BSC launched?

AGS Business Services Center was launched in 2013 when around 50 new employees joined the company!

How many employees are there in AGS BSC?

AGS BSC employs 130 at the moment, we are rapidly growing and looking for bright people to join our team.

What are the volumes processed by AGS BSC yearly?

A couple of examples:

Yearly, AGS BSC issues more than 1.6 M invoices to more than 40 000 customers and processes more than 1.7 M invoices for more than 12 000 suppliers.

Around 270 000 computers are monitored by AGS BSC Software Asset Management team for Atea Group and more than 100 end customers.

How do you add value to the customer in the outsourcing process?

By fostering continuous improvement culture and applying automation such as Robotics, macros etc.

What is the business language?

Our business language is English

Which regions are you servicing?

Our focus area is on the Scandinavian region

Whom should I contact?

Our General Manager at