What is Application Manager?

Managing business applications and application packaging is a complicated and time consuming IT process as it needs a lot of steps, implementation techniques and development languages. The complexity of the process leaves room for mistakes which could cost you a lot of time and money.Atea Application Manager Online acts as a DML by organizing all software in a single location, including original files, installation and packaged media information. It allows System Center Configuration Manager 2012, current branch and all other deployment systems integration. Application Manager Online enables you to manage application entire life-cycle. All the way from Ordering, Discovery, User Acceptance Testing and Documentation processes, right through successful automatic deployment of the applications to your end users.


SaaS – Software as a Service

Application Portfolio Library

“Serverless” Architecture

Internal and External Packaging

AppUpdate Services


SCCM Integrations

3rd Party Deployment Systems

ADD/O365 Authentication

“Pay As You Go” Financial Model

Continuous Upgrades

5 minute Onboarding


Reduced IT
staff time





Is this a tool for packagers?

Yes, and No. Application Manager Online helps your packagers to keep track of the process, but it has no packaging tools at this point.

Do different available feature sets depend on subscription level?

No. All Application Manager Online features are available to all users from the very begging and do not depend on subscription level. Even if you only have 4 applications in your DML all solution features will be available.

We already have AM installed in our datacenter. Will it be possible to migrate our exiting DML to new solution?

Yes. We will migrate all you existing DML including all application entries, documentation and files without any additional consultancy charges.

Does Application Manager Online support package import to Intune?

Application Manager Online is able to integrate with any deployment system which has a public API. At the moment Intune API is being actively developed by Microsoft and we will secure it integration upon the Intune API will be officially released.

How do you calculate Application Manager Online consumption?

The Application Manager Online pricing model is based on the solution used by the end-customer. The total amount of registered application entries in the end-customer application portfolio library is collected every month. Registered application phase and state is not taken into account as well as AppUpdate due to the fact that AppUpdate service has its own pricing model. Also the historical data of precious invoices has no impact on next months consumption calculation.

Do we need Azure AD or Office365?

No, Application Manager Online supports also Active Directory/LDAP and AD Federation Services integration – you will be able to authenticate with your own AD account.

Do we need SCCM?

No, there is no requirement for SCCM. If you do have SCCM you can benefit from Application Manager Online integration with that system and you can use features like Template Deployment. Without SCCM you need to install the application on the machines dedicated for testing manually.

Can Application Manager Online work with both SCCM 2012 and the current branch?

Yes. Both versions are supported, and you can even set up Application Manager Online to support multiple deployment severs in parallel. This is quite common when you are doing an SCCM side-by-side upgrade.