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I would like to express that we are very pleased with the cooperation we have had with AGS in this project. You all behave constructively and positively, with (most important) lots of great competence. Thank you very much for the cooperation!

– Andreas Eriksen, Lead Project Manager, Atea Norway

In early 2018 Atea Norway and Atea Global Services have won the public tender from the third-most populous municipality in Norway – Trondheim. To this date Trondheim Kommune is one of the most ambitious public-sector projects for AGS with the most services and technologies in the scope, as well as the largest user base and highest device count.

Service Design and Planning

After numerous meetings and workshops with the customer Atea Norway had finalized and approved with the customer Service Design Specification and Service Level Requirements. Understanding the full scope and all the detailed requirements from the customer allowed Atea Norway and AGS to cooperatively complete the project plan and start the implementation.

Development and Implementation Phase

The Windows Workspace solution was designed from the ground up with System Center Configuration Manager configured according to best practices, following SCCM Environment Technical Requirement Baseline provided by AGS. SCCM Cloud Management Gateway was set up in Azure to securely administer and manage clients over the internet, as well as SCCM Cloud distribution point to ensure safe access to the solution’s data over the internet. Additional Security and Monitoring solutions were configured to handle the new setup at Trondheim Kommune.

The Enterprise Mobility Management solution was split into two separate environments – one environment for municipality employees, and a separate environment for schools. This clear distinction means that there are two separate groups which have different sets of rules, restrictions and configuration.

Google Admin platform covered personal Google Chrome Devices and Mobile devices, including Tablet PCs and Mobile devices running iOS or Android. Shared Tablet PCs and Mobile Devices (e.g. Android Tablet PC, used as a control panel in school) were agreed to be enrolled to VMware AirWatch Workspace ONE.

Before AGS could take over, knowledge transfer sessions on both platforms, “Google Admin” and “VMware AirWatch Workspace ONE” were conducted in Riga, to educate as many IT operations experts as possible.

Trondheim Municipality has a set of mobile devices that are categorized as VIP and Critical. For these devices Atea Norway and AGS has designed custom operating procedures, to be managed separately and with special attention.

Go Live

On the 1st of October 2018 Atea Norway officially took over operations from previous service providers, and AGS, responsible for already a long list of services, started Client Operations as of this date. Over 70 experts were working on this project from Norway, Sweden, and Latvia.

The services that AGS delivers to Trondheim Kommune as of the 1st of October:

  • Distribution System Management
  • Image Management
  • Driver Management
  • Application Management
  • Patch Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • GPO Management
  • Incident Management tasks
  • Enterprise Mobility Management for Chromebooks
  • Enterprise Mobility Management for Mobile Devices

AGS team has played an important role in the transition and all who worked on this project, no doubts, did their best. This was a great opportunity for the team to gain knowledge, fine tune our services, and we look much forward to successful years of Client Operations for Trondheim Kommune.

– Igors Sceglovs, Project Manager, Atea Global Services


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