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We are

a part of the Atea Group – the leading Nordic IT infrastructure company and the 2nd largest in Europe with more than 7.000 employees and a revenue of more than EUR 3,5 billion in 2017.

We are the Global Operations Center (GOC) for Atea and as such we deliver world class managed services focusing on the Digital Workplace, Services Desk, Application Packaging, and managed Azure services. Furthermore, we are the centers of excellence for Azure (Atea Azure Expert Center) and digital workplace services (Atea Digital Workplace Center).

Atea Global Services holds the ISO 20000-1 (IT Service Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) certifications. Our consultants are amongst the highest certified within the Atea Group and thus ensure your Digital Workplace, Service Desk, Application Packaging, and Azure deployed workloads are in the most capable hands. On top of that Atea Global Services have integrated energy management into their approach to a sustainable and green environment and now holds ISO 50001 (Energy Management) certification.

ISO 20000-1 ISO 9001 ISO 27001 ISO 50001

Our vision

Digital Workplace transformation and Public Cloud services – thus ensuring innovation, security and stability for the benefit of our customers’ business. Atea Global Services is the partner of choice.

Our mission

We enable Digital Workplace transformation by


Proactively ensuring state of the art and secure Digital Workplaces


Ensuring high
user productivity


The right help the first time
at the right place

Cloud Services

Ensuring operational stability, scalability and security

Our History

11 years of experience


Formally divested Atea Global Services cloud business (CSP & ISV) into AppXite as a separate and independent company


Finalizing reorganization into applications, cloud commerce and End User & Devices managed services


Transformation of strategy around cloud services

Dividing classical managed services from cloud services

Formalizing R&D efforts for both Cloud and classical managed services


Stabilized rapidly growing Shared Service Center (SSC) organization

Established Cloud R&D organization and started developing cloud strategy and commerce portal


IT Division created as a separate entity and working on stabilizing the consequences of rapid growth


Won several major deals in managed End User & Device services

Established Atea Cloud SAM as the premier Software Asset Management solution


Merger of Atea Global Services and Atea Spintop organizations – this added the self-service portal named ‘Atea Service Market’ to the portfolio

Established Office 365 Syndication Program support


Won several large international deals, which taught the organization how to operate managed services in large enterprise organizations


Achieved ISO27001 certification

As the financial crisis hit the work pipeline, business was moved from project based to >70% managed services


Achieved ISO9001 and ISO20000 certification


Established 24/7 Service Desk and Monitoring

Initiated preparation for ISO9001 and ISO20000 certification


Established during summer of 2006 with a 100% focus on Application Packaging

Meet the team

Senior Management Team

Maksims Pisculins


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About Maksims

Maksims has been working with Atea since 2007. Starting as a System consultant and being responsible for delivering a number of Application Management projects to Enterprise customers not only within Scandinavia but as well globally.

During his development within the company Maksims actively participated in building a number of new Managed IT Services in cooperation with global partners. Creating new teams and business units to service to international customer and deliver high quality services to enable customers to focus on their key competencies leaving to Atea to take care of IT infrastructure and users support. Today the company is delivering Managed IT services to more than 100k end users on a daily basis, employing more than 300 highly skilled employees and have a clear vision to become the #1 choice for Digital Workplaces and Public Cloud services.

Maksims Pisculins


Ilja-Otis Godau

Director of Sales & Marketing

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About Ilja

Ilja has been working within the Atea group for more than two decades. During this period of time he has held many different positions ranging from being the first certified Citrix consultant in Denmark back in 1997 over Consultancy Director for Atea Denmark and for the last 6 years Business Development Director for Atea Global Services. Nowadays his responsibilities are sales, marketing, customer success management and together with Atea Global Services service owners develop new services.

He is generally recognized as being a leader and strategist in technology and innovation fields. Ilja is regularly advising on a CxO level for Ateas largest customers and holds a masters degree from the School of Economics in Aarhus, Denmark. The interests in computer and IT was sparked at a rather young age and the first machine he owned was a Commodore VIC-20 – but, moving fast on to the legendary Commodore 64. The rest is history…

Ilja-Otis Godau

Director of Sales & Marketing

Andreas Warg

Director of Software Development

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About Andreas

Fresh out of Chalmers University of Technology, Andreas started his career building small robot toys in a start-up company located in his home town Gothenburg, Sweden. Building and designing hardware also means you have to know software development, and in software he found another passion.

“You probably already figured it out, but I am a true nerd when it comes to engineering, being hardware or software. To build, create and see your creations in action gives me great pleasure.”

Andreas has been working within automation and is focusing on the end-users out there - this means Self-Service.

“This is where I like to be, and it is not only about automating the traditional IT-related requests, since different customers have different needs. I like to measure our success in end-users smiles.”

Today, Andreas is managing development teams in both Gothenburg and in Riga. They are building self-service solutions, including apps and portals but also develop tools that makes our services deliveries more professional and efficient.

Andreas Warg

Director of Software Development

Alise Vilka

General Manager SSC and BPO

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About Alise

Close to 10 years ago Alise started in a 43 employee company as a Business and Finance controller. One of the first challenging assignments was the ISO certification – Alise has been running not only the Quality Management System (ISO 9000), but also IT Service management (ISO 20000) and Information Security Management System (ISO 27000) certification projects for Atea Global Services!

During these years Alise has been part of most of the projects run by Atea Global Services like: Application Manager development, Service Desk expansion, Client operations service concept development, tool development, establishing Atea International Customer Center, Atea Group Shared Services Organization and many others – she has been part of the company growing from 43 employees to close to 400!

Today being a General Manager for Shared Services, BPO and Resource delivery areas Alise is part of continuous business process improvement and robotic process automation projects.

So lots of different projects across the different business areas combined with over 130 people team management are founding Alises background in Atea.

Alise enjoys learning – she has ITIL both: foundation and some practitioner certifications, she is a member of ACCA as well as she holds a professional coach certificate.

Alise Vilka

General Manager SSC and BPO

Inese Erdmane

Finance Director

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About Inese

Inese is working with Atea since 2011 when she joined the company as finance controller. By being with Atea for the last seven years Inese was responsible for finance controlling.

Today Inese is leading one of the most important and successful teams within AGS – Finance, Accounting and Controlling team. Team consist of 5 highly skilled employees who on daily basis support the entire AGS organization and customers of Atea with any finance related queries, tasks and issues.

Inese lives by the phrase – do not postpone for tomorrow what can be done today.

Inese Erdmane

Finance Director

Jelena Djomina

HR Business Partner

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About Jelena

Jelena is an experienced Human Resources Business Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in Recruitment, Onboarding, Talent Management, Assessment Center, Employee motivation and engagement processes, with a Master’s degree in organizational psychology.

During Jelenas career her skills and recruitment strategy, targeting experienced professionals, has been nominated among 200 participants for top prize for the European HR Excellence Awards in 2017.

Jelena is a team player that enjoys an active lifestyle and in her colleagues values a sense of humor  and the ability "not to lose heart". Her life moto: "A goal without a plan is just a dream!"

Jelena Djomina

HR Business Partner

Alise Snukute

Atea International Customer Center BU Manager

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About Alise

Alise has been working with Atea since 2014 and for the past 3 years she is the BU manager of Atea international Customer Center. When asked about her career Alise refers to her experience with both excitement and humor: "Today I can say that I have the most interesting job ever! Approximately 11 years ago realizing that I won't become a professional singer or dancer (I wasn't that close to it anyway) I decided to pursue a much more exciting career path that lead me through the call center industry all the way to the place to be - Atea!"

Parallel to her studies in Communication Science Alise took the opportunity to prove herself as a hard-working employee with the ability t learn fast and find find smart solutions in difficult situations. Her skill-set helped her to escalate her career quickly! This learning experience, acknowledged skills-set and working style always comes in hand in running a successful business unit.

For other colleagues in the field Alise has an advice for success: " Treat you team members as your family - not as competitors or subordinates; focus on necessary skill development first, before applying for the desired position. And most importantly – remember, your work is an interesting as you treat it!"


Alise Snukute

Atea International Customer Center BU Manager

Sales Team

Dagne Grass

Business Relationship Manager

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About Dagne

Dagne started her journey with Atea at the beginning of 2016 as a Licensing Support Manager and within a year moved to the sales field. Dagne has great background in working in information technology and finance industries and proven experience in outsourcing business and inside sales.

Today Dagne’s responsibilities are sales, business relationship management and business development activities that are planned and executed shoulder to shoulder with the top-class experts of Atea Global Services.

Dagnes drive and passion are not only present when selling AGS solutions to our customers, but also when it comes to being an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, either it’s running, swimming or spoiling her colleagues with healthy homemade treats.

Dagne Grass

Business Relationship

Jimmy Björkman

Sales Manager – Sweden

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About Jimmy

Jimmy has been working for Atea since 2010, starting as a Client Sales Specialist in Atea Sweden, he has extensive knowledge and experience working with the customers in Sweden, as well as with Atea solution partners such as Microsoft, Citrix and Apple. He absolutely loves to help Atea customers to become more efficient and effective, bringing Managed IT services from Atea to the table allows our customers to deliver business value to their organization and a possibility to focus on their core business.

Jimmy has a degree in Economics from Uppsala University and has worked with Atea Enterprise customers in Sweden for a long time, helping consolidating Application Portfolios, enabling efficient Client Management, relieving our customers daily operations, in turn making them more effective leading their respective business area.

Jimmy is the Sales Manager for Atea Global Services in Sweden, fully focusing on helping our customers becoming more successful, together with Atea.

Jimmy Björkman

Sales Manager

Nam Pham

Sales Manager – Norway

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About Nam

Nam started his professional career in the Norwegian Armed Forces where he for more than 5 years worked in the field of infrastructure maintenance, Information Management and procurement for public sector contracts. Since joining Atea in the beginning of 2017 he built up an extensive knowledge of the cloud and ISV business.

This deep insight in Microsoft Azure will now be utilized in his work as the Atea Global Services Sales Manager in Norway, where he will be responsible for inspiring customers in not only cloud services, but all of the Atea Global Services product portfolio.

His cultural passions consists of music as he has been playing the piano actively for over 20 years and 8-ball pool – just let him know if you are up for a game…

Nam Pham

Sales Manager

Harri Becker

Sales Manager – Finland

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About Harri

Harri started his career in Atea in 2006 as a Key Account Manager. He worked on cooperation projects with large scale integrators and system providers finding himself planning and developing Atea continuous services as Business Manager for Workplace Services. In 2012 Harri switched focus to becoming Technology and Services Advisor supporting Atea Account Managers in their projects for domestic and global customers. This Advisory position required deep knowledge over workplace solutions and Atea Global Services service provision – a knowledge Harri continuously is maintaining.

Harri is a common sight in large scale sales projects as solution architect and bid manager as well as sitting with SMB customers to work out their IT challenges to most profitable way for the customer. Harri holds a Masters’ degree from University of Sunderland. He is a constantly evolving innovative resource for all Atea customers in their pursue for more economic and productive IT management.

Since 1st of January 2018 he has dedicated all his efforts to Atea Global Services customers in Finland. In this job he concentrates in sharing Atea Global Services message to all Finnish customers – both SMB and enterprise, private and public.

Harri Becker

Sales Manager

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