Risa AS

Risa AS (major subsidiary in Risa Group) is a Norwegian contracting company with a wide range of services within infrastructure solutions. A modern company with a proud history, recognized by innovative technical solutions and a clear understanding of key values to achieve success. With around 500 employees working from 4 locations and more than 15 project offices across Norway, functional cloud-based IT environment became an integral requirement for their business.


The Backstory

AGS was approached by Atea Norway to cooperate on a project for Risa AS to completely migrate customer’s IT infrastructure to Azure Cloud. In addition to Azure cloud-based IT infrastructure, AGS was responsible for design and implementation of end-user device management based on Intune technology and Device as a Service (DaaS), aimed at end-user independence, productivity, and security.


Design and implementation

This project involved analysis of Risa AS on-premise environment, research and consideration of options to lift and shift or build a new environment in Azure Cloud. As a result of analysis and research, Azure experts come to a conclusion and offered to design the environment from the ground up, based on the architecture and workloads in the on-premise environment, as well as customer’s requirements for new IT infrastructure in Azure Cloud.

During the design and implementation phase Azure experts were focused on using cloud-native solutions where applicable. After additional research and comparison with classic solutions, the decision was made in favor of PaaS solutions for database management systems, storage, authentication service, domain management and service, and networking options.


Solutions and tools available in Azure Cloud have completely fulfilled the needs for Atea designed environment and customer’s requirements. To make use of cutting-edge technologies in place of legacy solutions, Microsoft Support and Design teams were involved in the resolution of minor issues occurring during the migration.

IT infrastructure in Azure Cloud was completed by experts at Atea Norway and AGS, while migration of application workloads was performed by the application vendors in close cooperation and support from Azure experts.

Go Live

On the 25th of February 2019 Risa AS went Live with a complete IT infrastructure based in Azure Cloud. AGS worked in coordination with Atea Norway to ensure that the IT infrastructure solution was rolled out smoothly—stage by stage. This was a great opportunity for AGS Azure Operations team experts to gain knowledge and enhance our services.


Today, Risa AS keeps the promise of “a modern company with a proud history”, thanks to cloud-based services that power their growing business across Norway.