Summer is at the finish mark, and it’s time to reflect on what we have achieved this year so far. In this newsletter, you will get a status update and some input on what’s in store for the Atea CloudTrack and Atea Cloud Academy as well as a recent success story.

First, 39.82 out of 40

Think about that number and how close it is to 40, how close it is to a perfect score. That justifies why we worked so hard over the last year to release the first Atea CloudTrack journeys, launched the Atea Cloud Academy and hosted our first two boot camps, mapped cross country competency and launched managed Azure Services, and these are only a few of the successes we’ve had.

Back to 39,82 – this is the score we received on a proposed solution (in terms of quality) in the first Tender where we incorporated all of the above into our offer. This number means that when we present our offering to a customer as a reseller, integrator, and managed service provider together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Now we must ensure everyone becomes familiar with the message to spread the success across the group and continue developing our toolbox.

Additionally, a big shout out to Atea Norway who won the 2018 Azure partner of the year award in Norway, where the point above was used as justification, together with great customer examples such as Komplett. I guess the challenge now is with the other countries – who will challenge Norway in being the best Azure country according to Microsoft?

This year could not have started better, with 89 consultants attending the Azure Infrastructure Management and data boot camps that we conducted together with Microsoft. According to the attendees, it was a challenging and demanding boot camp with presentations, whiteboarding, and labs spanning over 12-14 hours a day. We have received fantastic feedback about our Cloud Academy throughout the market, and when we finally open this up for customers to attend, we already have a waiting list.

These boot camps were for the longest time, a Microsoft internal initiative, that was now opened as a possibility for partners to leverage Microsoft training network to educate their technical staff. Atea is proud to be the first European partner to host these boot camps and skyrocket our level of competency across the board.

To share information and materials around everything we do at Atea, we have set up the Atea.Azure consultant community in Microsoft Teams. If you are interested, please join us, here you will find all of the latest information, CloudTrack Journey sales and training materials, and all necessary information about our Atea Cloud Academy boot camps. Besides, this group serves as a cross country forum for our experts to share knowledge, ask questions, and work together.

Wishing everyone a very productive autumn!

– Oscar Klevjer Thøgersen, Azure V-team lead