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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 3.0.0.

News in Atea Zephyr 3.0.0

  • Service validation
  • User mail in member list
  • Date picker improvements
  • Request ID in mail templates

Service validation

We have changed how we handle validations in various services. If you have not filled in the required values for a change you can now click on the Save button and you will see the required values that are missing. If you click on one of the messages you will be directed to the specific field that needs input.

User mail in member list

We have added the user mail in members list so that it it is possible to differentiate users with the same name.

Date picker improvements

The date picker element has been changed as it was having graphical issues at certain setups. Hopefully it worked for you before the change and you will not notice any changes.

Request ID in mail templates

We have made a change to the standard mail templates so that the Request ID will be visible in the mails sent so that it easier to know exact which order is which in case something goes wrong or if you want to notify an approver to manage a request.

Microsoft Teams changes

The Microsoft teams self service has been updated to follow our standard self services setup. You can create a new team, join an existing team and manage the teams that you are owner of. The Service will now be familiar to all of you who have used the other self services.


We have made some improvements and tweaking:

  • Multiple reported bugs have been fixed

What’s next?

The next iteration will be focusing on:

  • Cart list improvements.
  • Agent view changes.

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!