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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.9.7.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.9.7

  • Delegated Approvers
  • Cart list improvements
  • Knowledge Base Articles translation support
  • Category tree functionality

Delegated Approvers

It is now possible to assign a delegated approver. A delegated approver is a designated approver that will be to handle all of your approvals during the selected dates, this is useful if you are expected to be out of office or have a vacation.

If you are assigned as a delegate you will receive a mail stating between which dates it will be active, furthermore you will receive a mail for each order where you are the delegated approver. The approvals will be visible as regular approvals under the personal approvals view.

Cart list improvements

Various improvements have been added to the Cart List.

  • Possible to add additional fields.
  • Possible to add required fields.
  • Possibility for multiple pictures.
  • Possibility for multiple prices by currency.
  • Copy functionality for entire cart lists.
  • Changes how the edit view will function to minimize errors.

Knowledge Base articles translation support

It is now possible to add translations for each Knowledge Base article. When editing the title, description or the content there now exists a translation symbol where you can enter translations for each active language. If no translation exists the fallback translation will be used.

Category tree functionality

We now have the ability to create and manage category trees. As a start the Category Tree will be utilized in Knowledge Base view. To create or edit a Category tree you need to have access to the admin view. In the admin view you will first have a list of custom Category trees and a tab to change to standard Category trees. The standard Category trees are supplied by default in Zephyr. If you make changes to a standard Category Tree it will be moved to the custom tab. In the admin view you can edit the name, description and build the actual tree.

To populate the tree you access the service where it will be used. So for this release if you want to add Knowledge base articles to your tree you edit a specific article and decides which categories it should belong to.


We have made some improvements and tweaking:

  • Changes to Teams creation – now possible to set more default settings on the created team.
  • Mapping currency to language on a tenant level.
  • Corrected bugs that have been reported to us.

What’s next?

The next iteration will be focusing on:

  • Service desk module improvements
  • New improved Agent view
  • Flexlist improvements.
  • New script engine.
  • Backend refactoring.

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!