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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.9.6.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.9.6

  • Self Service SCCM software improvements
  • Self Service Intune software improvements
  • Default scopes
  • Mail attachments in mail

Self Service SCCM software improvements

The SCCM software has received improvements. The major difference is that you can now uninstall a Software that has been installed through Zephyr. To get this to work you have to specify in Software Administration which collection ID that corresponds to the uninstall collection in SCCM. If this is set up it the device will be added to the designated uninstall collection and removed from the install collection when you uninstall Software. The reverse will also be true that if you install a Software it will be removed from the uninstall collection if it is a member of that collection.

To set a uninstall collection need to have access to Software Administration. When in that view edit the Software you want to add the uninstall collection to and go to the deployment tab. Here you can manually enter the uninstall collection ID.

It is also possible to designate which Folders from SCCM the Software will be collected from. So a good approach would be to create a Zephyr folder in SCCM where you should place the Software that should be request able through Zephyr.

Self Service Intune improvements

It is now possible to uninstall Intune software through Zephyr, the Intune Software must have a designated uninstall assignment group where the device will be added upon uninstallation. When you uninstall the device will be removed from the installation group and added to the uninstall group.

Default Scopes

Default scopes has been added in Settings in the Administration view. A default scopes mean that the scope will affect every user on the tenant. A good way to use this is to enable the services that should be visible to all end users as default which eliminates the need to administrate a end user role.

Mail attachments in mail

If you add the file upload element to a form you can now enable that file up loader to attach the said file to all the mails that will be sent corresponding to the order.

It is also possible to block the attachment on specific emails if you do not want every recipient to get access to the file. To create such a block you need to edit the state flow that will run the order, in most cases this will the standard request state flow. If you edit that state flow you can edit each specific state. In this example I will block out an email in the created mail state by clicking edit on the state, after that I will edit the action “Send created email”. In this action there are a list of Inputs, edit the BlockedMailAttachmentReceivers and enter the email that should not receive attachments.


We have made some improvements and tweaking:

  • Added restrictions on role names to prevent errors.
  • Added auth query components to data source GUI.
  • Corrected bugs that have been reported to us.

What’s next?

The next iteration will be focusing on:

  • Categories concept that will be used in different parts of Zephyr such as Knowledge Base articles.
  • Delegate approvals – we are implementing a feature which will let you delegate your approvals to a designated users during a specific time slot.
  • Cart list improvements.
  • Translations for Knowledge Base articles

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!