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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.9.5.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.9.5

  • Menu top bar
  • Mail Templates customization
  • Contact objects for Distribution Lists
  • Azure security groups prefix

Menu top bar

As Zephyr is growing the left bar has begun to be a bit crowded if everything is enabled. To make up room for this we have created a top bar which contains the search and moved the personal menu to the upper right. This changes also gave the portal a more modern look.

Mail templates customization

We have remade mail templates customization service. We have noticed a need to make custom mail templates for integrating with 3rd party services or when creating new services from scratch. Now it is possible to create new mails from scratch and with the sort of styling you want to use. It is also possible to edit existing mail templates as before

Contact objects for Distribution Lists

Now it is possible to find and add existing contact objects in an on-premise AD if they exists in the designated OU to Distribution Lists.


We have made some improvements and tweaking:

  • We have made some improvements and tweaking.
  • Fixed various issues with Zephyr when using mobile.
  • Added more settings to cart elements in a form.
  • Changed all request views to show form name in lists.
  • Possible to search for request by order id.
  • Corrected bugs that have been reported to us.

What’s next?

The next iteration will be focusing on:

  • Self-Service Software improvements.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) for handling default scopes on tenants.
  • Intune Integration refactoring for Self-Service.

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us