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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.8.9.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.8.9

  • Additional razor support in mail templates
  • Edit standard forms
  • Edit standard hooks
  • Enable and disable Azure users
  • Updated Variables page
  • Text Area element improvements

Additional razor support in mail templates

It is now possible to access more request data in the mail templates and print them out in the razor templates. This enables the mail templates to contain more specific data from the order.

Edit standard forms

It is now possible to edit standard forms in Zephyr. What does this mean? A standard form is one of the forms that is loaded from a module. Previously those have not been visible and Zephyr and if changes needed to be done on such a form we had to manually make a copy of it. If you edit a standard form a copy will be stored in the tenant database and this copy will be used instead of the standard form. This will make custom changes very easy to fix on individual forms. If you remove the copied form Zephyr will begin using the standard module form again.

Edit standard hooks

The same functionality that was described for forms will also be used for hooks. This will enable customers or consultants to quickly make small adjustments to standard hooks.

Enable and disable Azure users

If you have the correct role assignments in Zephyr it is now possible to block azure users from logging in, and enable blocked users to log in. This will be handled in the Self-Service User service.

Updated Variables page

The Variables page has gotten a new updated design. The new design will make working with variables much smoother and the performance issues with the old design has been fixed. The page now uses what we call a “category layout” that will be utilized more in new services. It is also the design that was used in the Tenant Administration.

Text Area element improvements

The Text Area element in a form can now be expanded by the end user so it is easier to write large block of texts.

What’s next?

For 2.9.0 the main focus is to get a first version of the Knowledge Base functionality ready. It will consist of both an Admin service where you can create articles and an End User service to consume the said articles. Knowledge base will be part of the Platform so that it could be used by everyone regardless of what modules they have activated as we see a value of it for all kind of customers. Work has started on the functionality to administrate multiple News, which in turn has pushed the updated start page to 2.9.1. Other than that, we have made some huge back end changes for our long-term goal to migrate towards .Net Core 3.

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!