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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.8.8.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.8.8

  • Imbox chat preferred groups
  • SCCM User collections
  • Distribution List prefix
  • Folder prefix
  • Security Group prefix
  • Tenant Administration
  • Sign out changes

Imbox chat preferred groups

You can now set Imbox preferred group and the chat will be directed to service desk agents in the specified group. The value is set in variables and if multiple groups should be selected it can be separated by a “;”.

Example: group1;group2;group3.

SCCM User collections

We now have support for SCCM Applications bound to User Collections. If the requesting user exists in SCCM he can be added to the designated collection and will get the Software through SCCM.

Distribution List / Folder / Security group prefix

Prefix are no longer need for these services to better facilitate environments where objects already exists.

Folder prefix

We have expanded the state flow for software requests. Now the default state flow will support two different approvals to cover the standard approval scenario of having a manager approval and a system owner/license owner. You will be able to regular approval on the software meta data as well as assigning a specific approver.

Tenant Administration

Tenant administration has been completed with and now support creation and management of tenants. This service will of course be restricted to specific users. You will be able to onboard new tenants and set what kind of functionality the tenant should have, also the general default settings for new users can be set. It is also possible to set which provider the tenants should be using.

Sign out changes

The sign out will now act more like regular Microsoft sign outs. When signing out the connections to either Azure Active Directory or Auth0 will be cut and you will have to log in with username and password again if you want to access Zephyr.

What’s next?

We will work a bit on making our mail templates better and more customizable. We will make minor changes to the standard Text Area element to make it easier to enter large amount of text in forms. We will make a new page for Variables that should have better performance and better grouping of different variables that should help configure Zephyr a great deal. Work of preparation for changes to the start page and news in 2.9.0 will also start by making an admin page that can handle our new version of News.

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!