Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Service Market 6.1.8.


News in Service Market 6.1.8

  • Datetime format
  • Active Directory Groups limitation
  • Notify requesting user on failed requests
  • Pin Generic services to startpage
  • Request Software – Target computer and user
  • Managers handle their own employees
  • Nested AD groups in offerings
  • Change update interval on my approvals

Datetime format

It is now possible to get the answer from a date time format question in a specified format rather than a language/country dependent format. This makes it easier when you are passing the date to a custom script that is dependent on the answer of the date time question.

Active Directory Groups limitation

Previous versions have had the limitation of showing only 1000 groups in our search group elements. We have been notified that this is not enough for certain customers and we have made changes so that more objects can be shown.

Notify requesting user on failed requests

We have added a failed request email that is sent to the requesting user to notify the user if the requests in any way fails. This is to help users that previously did not notice if an error occurred in their put order.

Pin Generic services to startpage

It is now possible to pin a generic service to the start page. Previously it was only possible to pin the general Request Service to the start page but changes have been made so a specific service can be pinned as well.

Request Software – Target computer and user

The request software services have always required a computer name to work. However, as software can be configured to be only bound to a user object this has not always made sense. Thus we have changed this behavior so that it is not a requirement to have a computer name to use the service. If no computer is found on the user only user software will show, if a computer name is found both user and computer software will be visible.

Managers handle their own employees

It is now possible for a manager to request on behalf of his own employees in services where Target User can be changed. This functionality is enabled or disabled in the configurator.

Removed support for nested AD groups in offerings

Offerings can be used either with Departments or with AD Groups.
We have removed possibilites to use nested groups and the reason is performance issues in Service Market as an result when having it enabled.
Now you need to connect single AD group directly to offerings and that will work with good performance.

Change update interval on My Approvals

We have increased the update interval in My Approvals and My Requests to improve the general performance.


Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!