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Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.7.9, this post will also cover the previous release Atea Zephyr 2.7.8.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.7.8/2.7.9

  • Data sources customization
  • Menu improvements
  • Password textbox
  • Configure Zephyr access through Azure AD groups
  • AppUpdate for Intune improvements
  • Software management improvements

Data sources customization

Now you can modify and create new data sources within Zephyr. So what is a data source in this context? A data source is a way to populate a view in Zephyr. An example would be the main page for the Self Service module where you can view and select what service you want to access. This now enables administrators to hide certain items or create their own items for custom forms.

Menu improvements

The menu has been changed to work well with smaller screen sizes, a “…” button has been introduced rather than a scroll bar. The menu can now also handle 2 levels of sub-items as well to be able to group menu items in a more intuitive way.

Password textbox

It is not possible to add a Mask input setting on a textbox element. This will in turn mask the character entered in the textbox.

Configure Zephyr access through Azure AD groups

For Azure AD providers in Zephyr it is not possible to restrict which AD users have access to Zephyr by specifying that only users that are members of specified groups are allowed to log in to Zephyr.

AppUpdate for Intune improvements

AppUpdate for Intune has received improvements. The GUI when editing an AppUpdate app has been improved. Install Configuration is now also enabled on a app if the configuration is set up on the application.

Application Catalog improvements

The Application Catalog has also received similar updates. The general GUI has been fine tuned and more inputs have been set as required to ensure that the applications are submitted correctly.

What’s next?

In the next iteration we are continue working on the Software ability of Zephyr, for example the ability to import custom packages to Intune and getting AppUpdate for SCCM in Zephyr. Functionality to manage software on a SCCM server is also being worked on and approval for a specific software, so differnet software can have different approvers.

Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!