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Zephyr 2.6 release


Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Zephyr 2.6.

News in Atea Zephyr 2.6

  • New menu
  • Service Desk module updates
  • New form functionality
  • Context menus in lists

New menu

Zephyr has gotten a new and more modern menu. The menu will now reside to the left of the screen. It is also made to be more user friendly when using mobile devices or other touch devices. It is possible to limit what the users can see in the menu on Zephyr roles or even on specific users using access queries.

Service Desk module updates

The Service Desk module has had a big graphical face lift and users will enjoy a much more intuitive interface which will match the new menu. When submitting a ticket, the user will go through a wizard that will help the user with preset values for different types of incidents/requests that will be inserted in the ticket. This will help the user in ensuring that the ticket will end up at the correct place at the Service Desk. When a ticket is submitted it will show up in a list on the Service Desk dashboard, here you can also search and filter on status and type to find a specific ticket that you have submitted.

When clicking on a ticket in the list a detailed view will open for the specific ticket. In this view you can see activity feed, attached files, details and a description of the ticket. You can also submit new comments to the ticket and upload attachments for the ticket.

New form functionality

A new Button element has been added to form. The button in itself can be configured to do different tasks.

  • The most basic task is a simple link button.
  • It can be set to a submit button which submits the form directly.
  • It can be configured to trigger a generator in the same form.

A new flag on a form called Hide Summary has been added, if set to true summary will not be visible for the form and a Submit button will appear instead. This means that the form will still go through the regular request pipeline. This will enable you to speed up the flow of a form request.

Context menus in lists

We have added context menus to our list to make it easier to handle the elements in the list. For example, you no longer have to access a form to remove the form, now you can remove it from the list.

What’s next?

We will now continue to work Self-Service module and in particular continue work on Intune Integration. We will also develop a Knowledge Base module which will be useful both in itself and in tandem with the Service Desk module.


Hope you enjoy our new release and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!