So what is Zephyr?

In short, Zephyr is a self-service portal in the cloud!


Want to know a bit more?

With Zephyr you can support users from anywhere in your organization and provide them with an appealing, smart and infinitely extensible service catalog, all this by using the same platform. By using request tracking and the possibility for approvals, you can let end users access your organizations services at any time and place – use a smartphone when you’re on the go, a tablet while in a meeting or a computer when at your desk!

Sounds pretty good right?! So, what about this TAP?

For us it is crucial that the solutions we develop are what our customers want, and who better to tell us what that is than the customers themselves.

This is where TAP or the Technology Adoption Program comes in!

We would like to select a number of customers that are interested in Zephyr and provide them with the product at it’s current functionality free of charge for 6 months. Thus, giving them the opportunity to test the newest features of Zephyr first hand! What we ask in return? Just that the customers provide us with regular feedback so we can improve the product even more.

How is this going to work?

Good question!

The TAP program is going to be free to join, all that we ask from the customers is a bit of their time and willpower to push this together with us!

The customer will spend 3 to 6 hours a month on TAP, they will be able to provide the feedback both through e-mails or short meetings – what ever works best. We will arrange bi-weekly webinar sessions to provide the customers with insights and also for the customer to share their experience so far.

The TAP program will start from the 1st of April and run for 6 months!

During this time the solution will come at no subscription cost, and after the 6 month period, the subscription will continue  at the normal rate and terms, provided it is not cancelled before the end of the TAP period. If needed, we will be able to provide help in setting up or creating different integrations in the customers environment, at an additional fee.

Still interested?! Want to find out if you can join and what do you need?

If you represent an organization of any type looking for a customization, SaaS, self-service solution and are interested in trying out the product and willing to provide feedback – this is your chance! To get started, all you need is a way of authentication and working email address for all users. We support enterprise connections to Office 365, Azure AD, on premise AD and others. And for customers with a limited number of users –  a plain user/password integration can be an easy start as well. Just remember that to empower your users with the ready made services available in Zephyr, an integration to your Office 365 with Azure AD or on-premise AD is recommended.

Are you thinking “You got me, where do I sign up?!”

Just hit the button below, provide your contact information and we will initiate a meeting to set up your Self-Service portal and together we will map out the ways Zephyr can fit your business needs! Apply for TAP program

But what if you want to find out more?

Don’t worry, you can find more information about the TAP program in this fact-sheet TAP for Zephyr or read more about Zephyr here Read more on Zephyr