Hello ladies & gents! It’s time for another release of Service Market! It’s a maintenance release with a number of smaller feature requests implemented as well as a couple of issues addressed.

Without further ado, let’s run them through briefly (copied from release notes):

Service Market – Folder – approval
As an owner of a folder when manager approval for folders is configured, I can now designate a primary approver from the users in the owner group, if there are more than one. The rest will be set as secondary approvers.

See correct Target user after a Cancel User order
Cancel users orders now show the cancelled user as target user in the Search Orders service.

Account expires Product Question
The account expires product question now accepts empty input, which corresponds to “never expire”

Text label in Request Service
In the Request Service Service there is now a label for the search input, corresponding to the ones in Software and Hardware.

Listbox – Improvements
Using Listbox Product Questions and the ListAdd Generator now works better. You can add more than one value at a time, and duplicates are not added.

Service Market – Request – Folder Membership
Request Folder/Access group/DL Membership can now take Offerings and if request products is active when determining which resources are available. This is set in the Configurator with the option Use Active Resources for Available Membership in the Services – General tab.

Service Market – Categories
The category trees in the Request Hardware/Software/Service Services now show the number of products in the category instead of the number of sub categories.

Run Powershell With Parameters can now fault orders
The Run Powershell with Parameters workflow activity can now be configured to fault the order workflow if it fails. It’s also optional if the script output as Objects is set (to not cause errors if the Powershell output happens to be unserializeable)

Offerings layout
The layout of the Offerings service is improved

Powershell generators, script path
As an Admin, when creating a new Powershell generator, you can set the script path relative to a path specified in the Configurator: Path to Generator PowerShell scripts in Advanced – General tab.

That’s it – don’t hesitate to enquire further with productsupport@atea.com if you’re missing something. And keep the feature requests coming!