Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Vergo 2.1
Atea’s tool for managing roll-out projects.

New in Atea Vergo 2.1

  • Work Descriptions
  • Import & Export Logical Units
  • Improved Edit Resource
  • Improved Import Resource
  • Bug fixes


Work Descriptions

Up until now Vergo has told you where and when a plan should be carried out. Now Vergo also tells you what to do.

Work Descriptions can be found under Plan > Work Descriptions.

A work description contains instructions for the roll-out technician.

The instructions can be formatted with Markdown.

When a roll-out technician works with a plan, he or she can easily view the work descriptions attached to the plan.



Import & Export Logical Units

It is now possible to import and export Logical Units.

This is useful if you want to move Logical Units between projects, or if you have an organizational
structure from another system that you would like to import into Vergo.

Logical Units are imported and exported in plain text files.

Logical Units names are separated by a pipe symbol ( | ).
The root node is the left most, and its leaf is the right most logical unit.
Vergo will automatically create any missing Logical Units in order to import a logical unit.
This means only leaf nodes are required.

This text file becomes the structure below upon import.


Improved Edit Resource

Great news! You no longer have to click the Edit button in order to edit a resource.

This change will be implemented throughout Vergo during the winter.

You can click a field and start typing right away. As simple as it gets.


Improved Import Resource

We have improved Import Resource in several ways:

  • If you have resources in your Excel file that already exists in Vergo, you can delete them from Vergo prior to import with a single click
  • Any warning or error messages will be displayed directly on the page
  • Possibility of specifying an explicit Logical Unit path for resources in Excel file
  • General UI improvements

In the image above, we have uploaded a file that contains a resource with a name that already exists in Vergo.
Since we cannot have duplicate resources of the same type in Vergo, we can easily delete the duplicate resource in Vergo before we do the import.
When this resource has been deleted, all valid resources will be imported from the Excel file.

In this example we also see a warning of duplicate resources in the file itself. PC002 and PC003 will be skipped upon import, since they are conflicts.
If we want to import those resources, we need to make sure that all resources of the same type in the file has a unique name.

It is now possible (but not required) to explicitly specify the path to a Logical Unit for a Resource.
Use the column LogicalUnit, in the Import Template Excel file.

This is useful if you have multiple Logical Units with the same name, but want to specify which specific Logical Unit the Resource should belong to.


Atea Vergo 2.1 is available now at

Sign in with your Atea account

You can now login in Vergo with your Atea ONE account.

Instead of clicking the ‘Log in with Microsoft Account’ button, type your Atea email in the input field.
When you have typed your full email address, the windows will display ‘Single Sign-On Enabled’

If you are unable to sign in using Internet Explorer / Edge on your Atea ONE client – either switch to Google Chrome or add to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer.