Hello people! It’s time again for a release of Service Market 6.1.6 into the crisp, clear autumn air! It’s a minor release, but with a few feature requests implemented, as well as some addressed issues.

As requested from one of our customers, the nifty way of handling access rights through group mappings, previously used only in Manage Password service is now available for use in the Manage and Cancel User Deployment services. This means that you with rather fine granularity can configure users to have manage/cancel rights over only certain other users. All set up through the AD and configured on the corresponding products through the Product Administration service.

Also the filter settings in the My Approvals service are now remembered the next time you go there. This is performed with a cookie, so if you use several different devices or browsers, you will have to set it for each.

There is now a link in the Manage Computer and User Deployment service in the Primary Device / User section, that allows you to shortcut directly to that corresponding service with the User or Computer open.

Bear in mind that for this to work seamlessly, you have to have access to that user or computer in the corresponding manage Service. If you have several Manage products available, the (alphabetically) first in the list will be used to access the resource when linked.

Finally there is now a tweak in the View – Search Orders service that lets you see the affected user in the Target User column for the Request and Cancel User Deployment services. However this affects only the list view for convenience in finding orders. The orders themselves actually still has the same target User for purposes of receiving mails and so on.

That’s it for this time around. Keep the suggestions coming, and enjoy autumn!

Happy installing and upgrading!