Atea Global Services is pleased to announce the release of Atea Vergo 2.0
Atea’s tool for managing roll-out projects

New in Atea Vergo 2.0

  • Sign in with your Atea account
  • Interactive Help
  • Custom Field Categories
  • Bug fixes


Sign in with your Atea account

You can now login in Vergo with your Atea ONE account.

Instead of clicking the ‘Log in with Microsoft Account’ button, type your Atea email in the input field.
When you have typed your full email address, the windows will display ‘Single Sign-On Enabled’

If you are unable to sign in using Internet Explorer / Edge on your Atea ONE client – either switch to Google Chrome or add to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

Note: If you are missing your old projects, see the instructions in the bottom of this post.

Interactive Help

One of our most important goals is to make Vergo easy to use. As a step in this direction, we have added interactive guides to Vergo.

In upper right corner, you will find the link to the interactive help.

A good place to start is the ‘Step-By-Step Guide’

We will add more help topics later on.

Custom Fields categorization

In order to make custom fields on a resource more readable and easier to deal with, we have added categories for custom fields.

In this example we have created two categories – Location and Device.

Categories for custom fields are managed on the resource types.

Navigate to ‘Resource Types’

Open a resource type

Here, you can create categories. To add a custom field to a category, simply drag it until it snaps under the category with a bit of indentation.

The ‘Show in My Work’ check box lets you define which custom fields that will be visible for the roll out technicians in ‘My Work’.
In this example we have enabled the custom field ‘Room’ for display.

My existing Vergo projects are missing when I sign in with my Atea account?

Since you are using a different email, you have to login with your previous account and invite yourself to your own projects.

Sign out from Vergo and sign in using your Microsoft Account.

Click ‘Not your account’ and then ‘Log in with Microsoft Account’

Go to ‘My Projects’

Go to settings for the project

Click ‘Edit’

Type your Atea email and press the + sign. Switch on the Admin switch.
Save and Close. Logout from Vergo and sign in using your Atea email.

The project should now be available for your new user.


Atea Vergo 2.0 is available now at