Ladies and gents, it’s time for another release of Service Market!

We’ve spent the summer doing lot’s of summery stuff, including of course coding Service Market 6.1.5 to be the best it can be! New features include:

The Product Powershell Runner activity can now relay the Order Id and Order information object as parameters to the Powershell scripts.

Using the reserved values Order or Order ID for one of the script parameters, you can now give your Powershell instant access to the Order Id, say for performing integrations into Service Market, or the whole OrderInformation object which contains all Products ordered, as well as information on dates, requesting and target user and so on. Could come in handy sometime!

The Razor mailtemplates now come in a new incarnation, known as Razor2. This update will considerably boost performance of the Process Manager when ordering, as well as prevent a rare memory leak that occurred in some environments, causing Process Manager to increase its memory consumption for each order. Any new installation will get these as the new default, as well as any upgrades from versions prior to 6.0.0. We won’t however change your setup, so we strongly urge anyone using the Razor templates to change this in Configurator, after your upgrade. If you have not made changes to the default templates the switch should be as easy as that. If you have, you should make plans for migrating these changes to the Razor2 templates instead; the differences are subtle, but the old templates will not work with Razor2 with just a cut and paste. Most notably, the object Model is switched out for a ViewBag in the new templates, and the sub-templates no longer accept a Model at all. We’ll of course be happy to assist you in this endeavor if it feels too complicated!

Product questions now have a Css Class property which can be used to add any custom classes to a product question. This allows increased control when customizing a particular service or product through CSS or JavaScript. The classes configured in the Question administration will be added to the question’s containing DIV in the page markup.

Results in the following markup:

Similarly, the BODY element will now always get class attribute set depending on which Service and which Product (where applicable) is ordered. Again, this is for allowing customized styling and JavaScript for different Services and products throughout Service Market. The body class is “service-” plus the sanitized Name from the Service database table (as seen in Service Administration in configurator), and the product classes will be “product-” plus the Product ID. Note: A side effect of this implementation is a slight change in the Request Hardware Control markup – any customizations of this will need to take this into account on upgrade.

Finally, the Process Manager activity for creating SCSM Service Requests is now more robust and will retry at configurable intervals before failing. The new default is three tries with 60s interval, but it can be changed on a per-workflow basis through Workflow Manager.

We’ve also fixed a few issues, notably that the File and Combobox Product Questions didn’t always work as expected in the Request User/Computer services, and that Manage Access Group/DL services reported an owner change in the Summary even though no change was made.

That’s it – happy upgrading and installing! And enjoy the last of summer / best part of autumn, depending on your location! 🙂