The wait is over, folks! It’s been 2 months of cold hard winter and, along with the sun, Service Market returns fresh and revived. You’d think we’ve been working on something spectacular, and I can tell you that we have… but also that you will not see anything here until it’s ready!

In this release however, we have a couple of smaller feature requests, and a bigger one. The bigger one is that the Manage services for Distribution lists, Access Groups and Folders now no longer clears the AD groups they depend on before adding a new set of users; from now on, only the differing (added and removed) users will be posted to the workflow, and handled accordingly. For those of you dealing with large groups (1k+ users), this will hopefully come as a relief, since Service Market’s handling of these has been suboptimal in the past.

Managing these groups, you can now search for users in the group, and remove a selection. Or search for all users (available to Service Market), and add a selection. Each selection of added or removed users is shown in a separate box, where they can be removed from the corresponding selection.

The smaller bits include a sync update to handle pricing on Product Packages from the ATEA eShop, a default for saving Generators that make sure the mandatory inputs are created, and a fix making it possible to add multiple files with Product Questions to a request that creates a Service Manager work item and have them attached to that work item.

Enjoy the last bits of winter, and keep up the good work!