Season’s Greetings everyone!

We’re putting the last release of the year, Service Market 6.1.2, under the tree to get you that warm, extra happy feeling!

christmas-treeThere’s not too much in it, though; basically just a fulfilled wish to Santa for configuration options for Access Group, Distribution List and Folder products that makes them put the underlying AD groups in different OUs depending on product. Have a look in the Product Administration service for these products types and you’ll see it. Bear in mind that having different OUs for different products where one OU contains the other may lead to unwanted effects, and even workflow failures, if the products have the same prefix (or none)… so use this wisely 🙂 That said, a typical use case for this could be to have the products in different exclusive Offerings, and have them set up groups in wholly different OUs depending on branch, office or country, where this would not be a problem.

We’ve also resolved an issue with file attachments to SCSM where the file extensions were removed along the way.

With this, we wish you Happy Holidays! Let’s hope for a good and prosperous 2017 for us all!