It’s about time for a new release of Service Market, don’t you think? Right! So here it is, the 6.0.9, with a number of feature requests that we’ve implemented:

Search Order Service – Extended Search Criteria: As an order administrator you are now able to search for workflow statuses, so that you can find requests that have failed easily.


Department/Agreement Refurbish: As an administrator of the SM departments and agreements I’m now able to handle multiple departments and set agreements for all selected departments.

I can select two or more departments with identical agreement structures. The administrator can now add, move and remove agreements as usual. When saving, the agreement structure seen is saved to all departments.

If two incompatible (not exactly the same order) departments are selected, an error message is shown. No changes are possible. However, the user can click on an ‘override’ button to make all departments the same as the first selected department.

Hierarchical User Sync: When departments are created by Synchronizer it can (optionally) make them hierarchical, based on manager attribute.

Grouped Departments User Sync: As an admin I can now configure an AD attribute (eg. Country) to make a “containing” department that groups the different manager departments depending on this attribute.

Synchronizer – More options for Department names in User Syncs: As an admin, when using Synchronizer I now have more attributes to choose from when running a user sync so that it is easier to get the desired Department names. By entering a format string for department name in the configuration panel for a sync where ad object attributes are in curly brackets I can create a department name where ad attributes are replaced in accordingly. Eg. “{company} – {sn}” would generate the name “Acme – Svensson” for a user with “company” and “sn” attributes set to “Acme” and “Svensson”.

Request Temporary Administrator – Use objectSID instead of groupname: As an Administrator I can configure Request Temporary Administrator so that it uses the well known local admins group objectSID (S-1-5-32-544) instead of using the name “Administrators”. This way the service can be used on multiple language clients instead of using one product per language.

Manually created Product Packages support for eShop articles: As an administrator user in Service Market it’s now possible to create manual product packages including combined own articles and eShop articles without removing them (the eShop articles) whenever a hardware sync is performed.

As always, numerous issues have been addressed, among them that Product Administration now remembers the paging page, a bug in AD security groups enumeration that involves invalid historical SIDs, incorrect answers from ineditable user picker product questions, changing user in hardware does not update the product search, file upload max size configuration, and a few minor UI issues with popup boxes.

Happy installing and upgrading!